Honestly just a general question

So if you get suspended it’s supposed to tell you what you were suspended for in the game! yet this feature does not work. But they still suspend people. How are you going to enforce rules when your system doesn’t even work properly? And then all you have to do is create multiple accounts report that person multiple times and they will get suspended🤦 COME ON FUNCOM DEVS… REALLY??? So pretty much a game that has came so far and become a very balanced game is now being ruined by people that don’t know how to fight so they just report people? And then you cannot even appeal a suspension and on top of that you don’t even know what you got suspended for because their system isn’t working properly



So if your suspended and funcom’s system is not working properly you are just SOL on figuring out why you actually got suspended. I don’t need an update of the rules I would like the Developers to take responsibility where their game is broke. Stop ignoring people and posting the rules we all know the rules what we want is the stuff that is broke to be fixed if we want answers why you are not fixing the things that need to be fixed.

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If you are unsure as to why you were suspended or if you think you were suspended for fallacious reasons then by all means submit a ticket to zendesk

Clearly you didnt read the rules which is why I posted them. Gives you a chance to calm down and realize you are wrong before I have to get pointed about giving you some crap for not reading them. Then you can disappear without sounding like a fool. Clearly my subtle hint was not clear.

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