Horrible, horrible timing Funcom

Not only has Funcom reimplemented the asinine player hide name feature again but as of today, I can no longer see player information under the Steam server view option or Battlemetrics, just a - where names used to appear.

I find it EXTREMELY interesting that they chose to implement this hidden player feature again within a week of two hacker showing up again (yes, these same two have been exploiting/hacking for years) that are jumping from server to server doing instant kills anywhere on map and auto looting the bodies even if the players are in protected bases and it is outside of raid time.

The only recourse us players have had on all these servers this last week + was to immediately remove all our gear, tools, weapons and materials on our body and lock them in a chest or vault when we noticed these two players on the server and then report them by clicking on their name and sending their ID info to Funcom.

This newest hacking abuse is so out of control that many players have stopped playing on these servers and those that have stayed resorted to calling out when either of the two hackers were online giving other players the chance to remove and protect property. By the time someone would notice one of the hackers on, the call may not have been fast enough to protect everyone but at least some players were able to get property off their body and into chests before their death.

Once the hackers got tired of their antics or got bored with the lack of attention and/or gear they were getting because people had removed all property and were afk in their base naked, they would jump to another server to continue their abuse and players would reequip their belongings and go about playing again.

So what does Funcom/Gportal do while these hackers are once again ACTIVELY running rampant on official servers? They remove the option for people to even see the hackers and protect their property and also the option for the players to report the hackers??? They do not wait to roll out this asinine feature again that the majority of players do not want, they do it DURING the active hacking of multiple official servers taking away the only option legitimate players had of protecting their property.

I have been here since day one pre-release through ALL the BS hack/cheats/exploits and I am teetering on the edge of despawning everything I own on all servers today and never looking back as this might just be the last straw for me with Funcom actually protecting abusers that have been running amok on their servers for years.

Horrible timing Funcom for an asinine feature to begin with. Want to work on a feature that would actually help your gaming community? How about investing some time in BattleEye so it actually WORKS or a player friendly way to report abusers?


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