Horse directional on mouser not on keyboard!

I don’t know whose idea was to put the horse directional pad on the keyboard, not the mouser as usual in ALL absolutely ALL games I play and control an animal.

It is practically impossible to navigate with the horse, it is an ABSURD complication to have to guide him with the “fingers” several fingers on the mouser and still follow the direction of sight with the mouser, in short it is a difficult and totally annoying TORTURANT experience, which makes it think of EVERY time that it is much more worth just getting off the horse and getting around on foot without much difficulty !!!

You have to change that URGENT before people just simply use horses as “decorations” in the castles, I play ARK myself, and there are GIANT dragons and even the dragons being giants with their control of the mouser’s directionality and not the keyboard buttons. Navigation is easy and intuitive, and you have no difficulty walking them down into the cradles for tiny spaces.

Unfortunately I don’t know where this concept came from, but it is horrible, difficult and even “physically tiring” was very frustrating for me as I was looking forward to it, I don’t know how technical it is for you to adjust the horse steering to the “standard”. ", and if it’s standard it’s because it’s the best and most accepted, that it’s him going in the direction the mouser points out, but no matter how hard it may be for God’s sake DO !!!

The reason for controlling your horse with the keyboard is so you can use your mouse to aim. Otherwise you would always be aiming in the direction your horse is looking – not up, not down, not left, not right, just straight ahead – and that would make it really hard to hit anything at all.

Remember, this is horse-mounted combat. It’s not your mount that’s attacking your enemies, it’s you, using your weapons. That’s how horse-mounted combat works: in real life you would never aim directly forward.

I don’t think that having controls that allow us to aim will make people relegate horses to decoration. I would suggest experimenting with different control layouts and adapting to the combat paradigm.

Well I had not “thought of it” but I think it is better to “harm” the aim, which will be very rare moments, for many will never even shoot off the horse, than harm “walk”.

It’s like you asking “do you want to shoot cool off the horse?” or “ride it very easily, quickly and without much effort?” dude 90% or more of the people want is to ride the horse and not to shoot or anything like it, MIRA can be basic, this is a secondary factor, walking, moving, guiding is the primary factor of the horse, if it’s not extremely satisfying to walk him, no one will want to “aim from him.”

No kidding is a lot of work, it’s horrible when something in a game is “laborious” and comes to be physically tiring, even worse when you have to walk in places like within “cities” is an almost impossible mission, the horse gets stuck in each Obstacle, in every NPC that has the front, there is no motor skill, and I am a very agile person in the games, imagine someone with less skills.

Maybe this is a great concept that you quoted “let’s focus on combat” but in practice 90% people are going with the horse and not fighting the horse, I already felt 2 other “punishments” for using the horse. 1st can not have my slave warrior follower, the horse should not be a follower, but only a mode of “locomotion” your slave follower should go “running” after you, or in a more complete option he climb on his rump of the horse, I know it would be much more compelling, and 2nd not being able to drag the unconscious slaves with the chain with the horse, follow the main use of the horse for me, would greatly expedite this servant.

Well, now that I know this information, I get even sadder, especially since the decision to “switch” to the “comfortable” way of riding will be more difficult, ccouldn’t I have the option on the horse to enable or not to “aim”? It would be very fair to us that we want to ride the horse and fight our warrior slaves even to level them up, there is no point in me fighting the horse and without having a warrior leveling up !!

Think about it a lot, it is WELL IMPORTANT TO ME!

It’s not about shooting, it’s about melee weapons. Here’s a video I found interesting:

But yeah, I get your concerns. Perhaps a good suggestion would be to have a way to toggle between “mouse driving” and “mouse aiming”. I would love that, because I also get frustrated while trying to simply gallop from point A to point B.

Especially because I use my mouse with my left hand, so my movement keys aren’t mapped to WASD, but to numpad. Trying to hold Numpad + together with Numpad 6 to turn right while galloping gets to be actually, physically painful after a while.

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Yes this is totally my interest, I do NOT want to take from those who “want” the option to fight their horses, but I also do not want that so I can not ride my horse on the lively map for leisure and recreational options.

I think this is the BEST option to be optional, even people who go to war with their horses can choose to ride there directed by the mouser and when starting the fight switching the command to the keyboard, I have no problem having the option of use the directional pad on the keyboard, my problem is not being able to mouser lol.

I really hope you guys work on this because I loved riding the horse in a “straight line” but in smaller or stony places, holding it up, turning to dodge the rocks and obstacles and still pushing the run button along and it’s still turning the mouser for my vision to follow the direction the horse is running … in the end the feeling that I am commanding a state-of-the-art submarine and not just a horse that should leave me “free” to look at the landscape …

A third thing I missed was being able to see the ‘level’ of the NPCs from above the horse, I was going to ride the city of Supremeru on horseback to see if I had any T4 and then come back with my warrior to get it, only to On top of the horse does not display the ‘name or level’ of the slaves you have to descend on the side of each slave to see, it is much more work than walking.

I’m sounding pretty critical and boring, but I’m just giving a REAL impression of someone who has been playing the game since early access, and these are my 4 “failing” points of the mount system that can be awesome for the game:

1 - Directional with mouser
2 - To be able to drag the slaves with the horse chain
3 - Being able to take a warrior slave, or running after the horse, even if he is behind and teleporting … the horse is not a warrior is a locomotion (this point must be decisive in I almost do not use the horse for preferring a warrior, since I can run almost at the horse’s valocity and still have a fighter by my side, with the horse not)
4 - Be able to see the level / name of the NPCs while on the horse.

If I feel any other “difficulty” I will come back to talk, but I think those “needs” that I missed right away are the most important.

I’m rooting a lot for you and I hope that all is well

Taking advantage of the bogus, because they do not also offer as an option “display weapons” in the slaves, I am from the old and loved to put weapons and shields on the slaves, and at the time did not even have these beautiful weapons of DLCs and I was amazed how each weapon did the slave “standing at the base” behaving differently, I found a huge regress when they disappeared with the slaves’ weapons and shields, we at PVE loved to “show off” our weapons to ourselves and our neighbors, it was very satisfying to combine armor and weapons + shields … and this also made slaves behave differently and make them more “individual” visually and behaviorally speaking.
I think it is an EXTREMELY SIMPLE thing to do adding this option, as it will only allow something that happens naturally when he pulls out the weapon, only as a “decorative” option as we do with the armor when we put them in, and would do the same. DLC weapons are really relevant today we attach importance to DLC weapons.

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