Horse Must be Nerfed Or removed Community ! Lets Fix it

Do you really think that killing another player with Just one hit is balanced?
Another player with full high-end gear…
This kind of play style offers no skillplay. It’s all about zerging and having a better ping.

Just to illustrate what i’m saying:
Get a horse, a lance, put 50 points in strenght, get a frenzy wine and drink it one second Before you hit your opponent.
You are going to instakill anyone. Don’t matter his armor, his gear or anything else.
If you want to go deeper, apply oil of agony to your spear (it’s stronger than penetration for this weapon because the damage scalate with the horse speed).

conan exiles pvp turned into this.

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I rode a horse before I could walk. They are powerful at a full gallop. Without a weapon they can kill you hitting a person at that speed. Why Nerf a true real world fact?


give that man a cigar!!!

you are right!!!

but it seems that to approach a bit a sort of reality is not the mater, and I dislike that.
In my mind, to be able to refer to a sort of reality gives the newcomer the ability to discover the things (as a newcomer, my feeling was to try to kill a dragon with horse and lance… not with a pair of daggers)

The only thing here seems to be the idea to respect a sort of balance. The advantage is given to the experimented player who knows exactly all the tricks of the game (wanted effects and bugs too!!!)

Our horses running on a flat ground are truly able to kill someone just by pushing him away… in game, this same running horse maybe will soon be killed by a guy with a dagger.

the worst thing, is that, despite our proposal, the way was the nerf. The way was not, for example, to allow “campaign palisades” (the little ones), or stackes, to be free from landclaim (palissades that could be taken and usable by every one-both side- on foot) with a quick decay if far away from buidings or from ppl, etc)
Many things… But mounted fight was too original

We will not cry in advance, but I am afraid that even horses armor will not protect our mounts from arrows and hits…
I am afraid to find now bicycles in my stables.

Best regards rider!!!

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Why is this flagged? Are we down to the level “I disagree with what you say, so I must flag it” again?

He just gave another example for why horses are too strong and why Funcom is going to nerf them.

Realism again okay. If I ram my spear into a running horse from the side it should push off the rider and fall to the ground. The rider should break several bones and be unable to get up again, so I can finish him off.

Sounds good?

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Thanks! But…ahem…im female…its all good though. :grin:

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I agree with lance into horse and kill it and tumble rider…THAT is realistic as well!

Why was this post flagged?

Additionally, losing more than half your hitpoints from falling damage should result in breaking one or both legs. The character is then effectively rendered immobile or has a severe (-95%) movement penalty for a minimum of several weeks of in game time.

I love that some of these posts that make an appeal to realism also suggest that characters should be able to whip out and place fully constructed palisades in a matter of seconds. I’m pretty sure that in “real life” it would take at least several hours to construct the wall palisades you see in game and the construction materials would be quite heavy.


Near 1400-1450, English bowmen were able to quickly put stakes in front of them 1 or 2 stakes per man is enough… with a hammer. sadly, they wernt quick enough at Patay where 200 knights killed # at least 3000 footmen… These horses were already so unbalanced. At Agincourt, stakes did their job.

So, yes, yes… appeal to realism is on this side: without stakes or pikes in open ground … horses will kill you.

But it is only a matter of balance not a matter of realism… you will soon be glad to kill horses with daggers… explain that to the guys in Patay…

Why appealing to realism? This is a game… If it were to be based on realism, you must consider a lot of things:
A horse is an animal, a sentient being… You must create a bond with him, feed, train. If he is facing a great danger, it has a chance that he Will flee, even for war horses. If he got hit by a spear, there’s a great chance to drop the rider.
Red dead redemption 2 made a great mechanic on this… But horse is an important piece in old western settings and RDR2 is a game with much more investment, we can’t compare.

Anyway this is a game, not the reality.
Games needs balance to make a real challenge to players. Challenge that envolves skillplay, planning and dedication.

If we were to base the game in realism, people should break bones after being dropped from horse, horses should break the leg and fall after a hit from a hammer or a two handed sword for example.
And etc…

I’m afraid of funcom’s nerfs. They never knew how to do it and i don’t think they are going to make a proper balance now.
Probably horses are going to be useless after 2.4 … Even me, as a “anti-horse player” i’d prefer if they were a role to be filled, a way to play but not the meta.

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Well, I guess because many parts the character plays is realism. Bait fish traps for fish, picking fiber and berries, capturing npc’s to break into thralls, catching animals to “train” as pets, building bases in no set way except by the individual, cooking food, gathering drink, etc, etc…its the world that has the non realism advantage. We can not shoot lightening from a spear or chant incantations to injure a foe. Basic day to day play is grinding and defending. Nerfing the realistic aspects of what we do like horseback riding is a minus. No one can change my mind on that. Dont get me wrong, I’ve been plowed down a few times by riders with pikes…so I got pissed and learned how to ride like that myself. Nerfing things take away from the challenge of the game.


PvP needs nerfed or removed

Give that m… girl a cigar!!!

She is right!!!

Further more, if a footman kills a running horse and its rider… are you sur he will himself survive this!!!

But its only balance… ok… let us see how it will work… if horses take directly dmg, how will be the effect of the horse’s heavy armor on arrows dmg for examples. If the horse arrives on target at full speed, ok, it will not kill… but will it knock back the foes in front of it. etc…

best Regards my Lady!!

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no, we need PVP, and it is great.

But I think we could afford those who are afraid of cavalry (or reluctant to take care of horses) to supress it from their servers.
But we need to let the others have a bit the feeling of some sort of warfare and tactics too: bowmen (with or without stakes), heavy infantry, trebuchet, cavalry.

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on PVE I love horses and would miss them very much. So it’s the old PvP vs. PVE problem.

Maybe deactivate “damage to othere players given from horsback”, so you can basically not attack another player sitting on a horse" ? Ofc you have still the advantage of the quick place-to-place-movement with a scout saddled horse. But remeoving horses on PVE completely would hit very hard. So maybe this could be a 50/50.

climb, swim, juke, attention to detail. You know use your eyes and ears and strategize