Hot to Heal Thrall instant in Admin mode?


i was jsut wondering how do you heal thralls in Admin mode single player? Besides jsut giving them food. I want to instant heal to their max HP.


I cannot help you with that, @Wak4863 might help you here, still healing arrows can help for faster healing I suppose, at least in consoles they still do.

As always thanks for mentioning me @stelagel

So if you have admin abilities you can fill the health with a console command. You will need to know the followers total health for example Lethandra (picture below) has 3936 total health. While in admin mode, have the thrall/pet follow you and open the console command line with (` or Insert) you will then type “SetFollowerStat HealthCurrent 3936” this will make her health full. You can set this number to whatever you want based on the total health that the thrall has, so if you want them to have one hit point remaining you would enter 1 or half health would be 1968 for this example. This only works on PC. Consoles do not have access to the command line. For console I would use a mix of potions, healing arrows, and food to get them back to full health as quickly as possible.

Here is a video with some more handy admin tools. Should you want more information on things you can do as admin.

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thanks soo much!


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