Hotkey bar bugged - PC

Platform: PC
Game mode: Private Testlive
Version: #95029/17679
Problem: Bug
Crash dump link:

Last night April 30th 2018 around 11pm two of my toolbar slots bugged out and nothing I have done will fix it. I’ve tried stripping down and logging out. I’ve tried filling all of the slots and logging out. I have tried running a scan of file cache in steam. I have even tried going from testlive to live and back and it will not fix.

I experienced the same bug after the most recent testlive patch. I’m not quite sure what I did to fix the issue but I did restart my server and I didn’t have a problem after that.

However, before restarting the server, I also tried shift clicking on the bugged hot bar slot and the thrall unarmed weapon bag momentarily appeared in my inventory before disappearing.

I fixed it later that day by accident really. I spammed leftclick and space bar on the slot until it kicked the bugged item onto the ground…perma fixed after.