How about Black Lotus Emporium?

It’s a Sorcery type update and you simply cannot get away with calling it the ‘black lotus marketplace’.

Putting a Black Lotus at the front of it does not excuse it from being a market!

I am putting my foot down on this. You guys have to come up with something better.


Something that makes you feel eerie inside just when you think about touching that label! I mean, it should be shady, underground, secretive and hard to figure out how to get to. Sorcerers probably sell secrets there. It shouldn’t sound so openly accessible. It should be a word that associates danger to the whole idea.

Something a pure blood barbarian would stay far away from. Something corrupt!

Dark secrets abound … gulp … (but definately not a plain air market)

You’re not selling fish there to the common plebs.

Seriously, if you guys are going to replace the Steam DLC packages with an in-game store, I demand Sword and Sorcery justice!

Did you even watch the 2hr dev stream? It’s called the Black Lotus Bazaar, which sounds a lot better than ‘emporium’ IMO.

Yes, I watched the official trailer on Steam. Same thing.

The meaning is the same. There is no difference between what you said and a market. This needs more creative polish.

It “sounds” better? But why? It’s a marketplace. It’s common, uninteresting. Has nothing to do with the game’s sorcery introduction. Do Sorcerers meet in a market?

What would a Black Lotus association have to do with “Crom coins”? Either it’s a secretive, underground society (Black Lotus), or it’s the selling ground place for the entire realm. In which case, wouldn’t they have their own coins? Like a casino, they offer their own tokens. They probably don’t revere Crom. Crom doesn’t accept worship and he’s not a god of money. Why not Black Lotus petals or something more central to the theme?

Do you see what I mean about the naming mechanics having no synergy?

I demand Sword and Sorcery justice! This just won’t do.

Emporium literally means retail store, I fail to see your point. Most stores don’t need to be called ‘store’ in the name true, but I think they chose wisely. Black Lotus Bazaar is a perfect name as they sell all sorts of things, including building pieces and place-ables, it’s not just selling wands and potions. It is also meant to be the market place long after the Age of Sorcery ends (in roughly 9 months) and we enter the the next age (whatever it might be).

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I disagree. The lotus fits the Conan lore and game elements. The name is fine.

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the shop/bazaar is part of the update but not really bound or related to the sorcery stuff and therefore no need for a sorcery like name of the bazaar.

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Okay, it’s more about the flavour of the text. It’s about the character!


  • a business establishment that specializes in products or services on a large scale (often used for humorously formal effect):

“the world-famous food emporium” ·

(often used for humorously formal effect)

They better add a Ron Cobb reference in game.

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