How about server transfers now?

considering official servers are sparse now how about let us transfer at least our character to another server.

this seems like a reasonable request. we spent a lot of time leveling and ended up on a server with 2 or 3 active players. and maybe someone wants to be on a dead server, thus this is their chance to move…

i know leveling up is not a big deal but it does take time, so give us a break and let us save a little with a transfer.

You have to find a private server with the Mod Pippi installed. This shouldn’t be very difficult, because there are more private servers now than official ones and the most private servers are modded and have the mod Pippi installed.
Make screenshots of your character settings and attributes. Talk to the Admins if they allow you to start on their server with your old settings. If the admin agrees start the game and activate the mod download tool under gameplay settings. Exit the game, start again and search for the new server via name or IP. Join the server, the Moddownloader from Funcom will automatically download the mods in the right order, exits the Game, starts again and after the Intro (you can exit the intro if you want) it joins the Server.
Create a new character with the same look and Name of the old one. The admin of the server now can give you via Pippi the same amount of level and xp points like on the old server. With these points you can match your old attributes and choose the feats again you want by yourself.
Have fun

I think every 3 months they need to wipe the pvp servers, also make some of them level 60 servers (when you create your character it starts at level 60).

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maybe, something like flag the account as level 60 and have the option to start at 60 or level 1…

game is too broken to use private servers and such atm, solo play kills my PS4 having both client and server on the box…

What I’d like is to be able to instantiate a private server using the save file of an official.

For those of us who play PvE and the main draw is building, it would be a great way to preserve our hard work while being able to branch out into mods and such with people we already enjoy playing with. I’d gladly sign for a year at 10 or more slots if they could make such a thing happen.

As for PvP, level 60 servers sound like a pretty cool idea, as does having a subset that wipe at regular intervals. Might be inclined to give PvP a try under such circumstances…

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