How age of conan unchained necromancery can be used in Conan Exiles

I’m studying the layers of age of conan unchained. The more I go down the rabbit hole the more age of conan unchained necromancers seems balance to Conan Exiles. I figure out how to balance sorcery in Conan Exiles. A new stat is needed. Sorry corruption is too under powered. Intelligence and mana is all I can come up with. Max mana at level 1 is 400. Intelligence increase spell damage,mana and mana regen.

Mana always regen like stamina. Unlike stamina max Intelligence grants 46 mana regen per second at level stat 50. Grit makes stamina regen 92 stamina per second at 50. Intelligence bonus at max intelligence is +400.

Intelligence players focus on spells than physical combat. Age of Conan unbound offers a game balance for minons. 10 points total for summons.

I want to cap minons off tiers.

Tier 1 minons max level 60.
Tier 2 minons max level 60.
Tier 3 minons max level 60.
Tier 4 minons max level 60.

Each minon tier is their cost. Remember 10 points of summons offers to the players. Tiers also effect speed of minons. Sure t1 is weakest minon but their speed and attack speeds are highest of the minons. T4 highest armor and health but slowest movement and attacking speed.

Now onto perks.

0-10 is damage spells unlock. Better spells are unlocked a perk level 10.

Perk level 20 unlocks summons.

Perk level 30 unlocks Cures.

Perk level 40 unlocks transformations and rituals.

Perk level 50 unlocks teleports,gate,change weather,healing/life stealing, auras and buffing.

Minons are permanent summons. T4 drains alot of Mana. T1 are fastest ,but weakest minons. A T1 minon cost 1 summon point per summon. If we base it off Age of Conan unbound then balance exist.

Transformations are permanent forms. The player must untransform to be in there none transform self.Players don’t untransformed when they die. Each transformation has a spirit form. If hit with a religion weapoin in spirit form the player will be force to respawn. Spirit form allows an auto revieve in your transformed form. Once per respawn. You have to last 100 seconds in spirit form. Remember 1 per respawn. You can’t die spirit form then die spirit form again.

I want to create 3 schools of magic a players has available to them. Each school has healing/life stealing,transformation spells,damage spells,curses,minons,rituals and transformations.

Necromancery,Druid and Demonologist are the three schools of magic I want to focus on.


Necromancer: undead transformations don’t need to eat or drink. Undead transformations don’t take fall damage. Undead transformations can’t use healing potions or wraps. Undead transformations auto gain life steel on thier melee attacks.

Lich: The sorcery user main form. A Skeleton mage that floats on water. Lich special close range touch can paralysis a player,thrall,pets or other. Doesn’t work on Bosses. Lich reduce necromancer spell cost by 20%.

Zombie: Sorcery users normally turn ally players to zombies. Zombie transformed ally plays get a buff of +5 to all stats while still transformed. The down side is player speed and attack speed is reduce by 25%. Zombie players get a -40 to intelligence. Lich players and Zombie players can untransform zombies allies at will. You need permission from a player first to turn them into a zombie.

Demonologist: Requires less food and doesn’t need to drink. Demonologist add stats effects on melee. Stamina used on climbing is reduce.

Arch Demon: The main form of a Demonologist. Demonologist magic cost is reduce by 20% in this form. Nightmares: by touching a none boss, the player/animal,thrall/etc will run in fear for 60 seconds.

Demon: same as zombie, but with Arch Demon and Demon.

Druids: Requires less food and water. Shaman has acess to beast forms.Beast forms reduce running stamina cost. Wild Beast of same animal type will come to the aid of a transformed Shaman. Shamans can’t cast spells in transformations. Shamans gain forms of an animal. Each form carries a special trait. Shamans will untransformed with no gear equip. Shamans transformed can’t use healing potions or wraps. Shaman stats are same as the beast they transform as. Sample of transforms of shamans. You transformed into a bear. Your stats are same as a bear.

Minons: Permanent summons.

Necromancers: Mostly undeads are the minons.

Demonologist: Mosty demons are the minons.

Druids: Mostly nature creatures like fairies,nymphs and etc. Yuck good magic.

Damage base spells:

Necromancery: Bones a etc. Attack Styles.

Demonologist: Demon magic styles.

Druid: nature magic styles.

Weather,Teleport and gate are all universal magics all schools can learn them.

Teleport is your self warping. Teleport has a 50/50 chance of failure. Ten mana per try. Teleport is short range.

Gate cost 300 mana +50 mana per teleport ally. Gate has no failure. Gate Allows players to warp to your map room or beds without killing them.

Weather cost 800 mana+ Caster life. For 10 mins the weath of an area changes. Blizzard,Sandstorm,Floods and hurricane can hppen. This is a Map targeting system. The player whom cast the spell has an endless death for as long as this spell in effect. Cast clear weather removes the weather effect but both the caster and clear weather caster dies until the death timer is gone. The reason for a death timer is death doesn’t like to be cheated. The death timer = Remaining time that was remove by clear weather.

Curses: are permanent debuffs. Shaman,Necromancers and Demonologist can remove curses.

Necromancer damages you to remove the curse.

Druid uses alot of mana to remove the curse.

Demonologist just removes the permanent part.

Healing/Life steal are self healing. Healing/Life steal are touch moves. You can heal your self or touch another player to heal that player. When I mean touch it your toon putting your hand on your ally’s shoulder to heal them.

Necromancer has access to life steal only. They have better life stealing. Their life stealing is 3 mana per 1 hp. Lich form the life stealing is 2 mana per 1 hp.

Demonologist has both.Their healing/life steal is 4 mana per 1 hp.

Druid has access to healing only. Their healing is 2 mana per 1 hp.

Buffs: sorcery users can buff players for 60 seconds. Short area effect spells to improve combat.

Auras: Like buffs but with permanent effects. 1 aura active at a time. Auras Are very noisy. Players will hear an active aura.

You can only pick 1 school of magic to follow. This balances out sorcery players. Reset your stats also resets the school of magic you were in.

This suggestion took over 3 days to type and research properly. I was holding off on it as a draft for days. And this was all done on a ps4. Can I at least get some feed back for all the balancing bs I had to look up. This topic was written on a ps4 and posted on a ps4.

Will this be based off the current att cap or will the att points be increased also?

I’m confused on what you’re asking.

Funcom has sorcery in another Conan game. I don’t see the problem adding their spells to Conan Exiles. My idea offers low health sorcery players. My idea balance minons.

No one connecting the dots? How can you not have the artist for sorcery in Conan Exiles if you have an artist for age of conan unchain sorcery. This makes zero sense.

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