What a wasted opportunity that sorcery isn't in Conan Exiles right now

Halloween would been perfect month to test sorcery. All those witches and warlocks out there.

Classic Bryan.


I think that would be a great idea

I’m looking at Age of Conan Unchained. I’m jealous. They have sorcery and we don’t!

Herald of Xotli was the bomb. Necromancers? Pah, nice dusty puppets you got there. Demonologists? Ok, yeah, you got demons.

The Herald BECOMES THE DEMON. The fatality animation where you immolate people by breathing fire on them was cool, too.

Age of Conan is an MMO, where an absence of magic-using classes would be glaringly conspicuous. Conan Exiles is a survival sandbox game, which is not a genre known for incorporating wizards and warlocks. The two games are completely different animals.

If you’re so jealous of AoC, I mean, it’s free to play, so download it and go crazy.


Age of Calamitious mod for conan exiles has magic and more including factions , economy more building pieces and types .

All this from a mod maker who seems to be able to do more with this game than FC can…and without constant bugs from updates

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I saw the title and knew right away and knew who wrote it. Come on dude, if they plan on having sorcery, they’ll do it. No need to spam the forums all the time.

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I love Necromancery. The lore,spells,minon army the curses on my enemies. I love being a zoo keeper of the undead. Give me your amies, i’ll make them my skeletons and zombies. I’m Lord of the ArchLichs.