How can i find the IP of a Playstation official server

Hi, I’m having a very difficult situation for the last 3 weeks.
I had an Internet service Provider change and since then my game to official PS server 3000 became unplayable. It lags rapidly, not letting me move or do anything, and in a minute it disconnects me from the server, stating “Lost Connection to the server.”
My incompetent ISP needs me to do a traceroute to the server to find the problem, but I can’t because it is a PS5, and it has no command line.
I’ve tried many things with no luck:
Different modem router
reset the modem router
delete and redownload the game
The only thing that works is making my cellphone a hotspot and connecting to internet through it.
OR trying to play in Asia server which has 300 ping, in both situations I can play almost normally.
So how can I find the server IP of server 3000?


I don’t know how the connection to the server works on playstation. But maybe you can see it by using wireshark. It’s a free tool and maybe you need search for some YouTube tutorials how to do that.

I would filter the local IP of your playstation. And you will see where it sends packages. At least you need to filter which public IP appears only if you are connected or connecting to the server.

Another idea what could help… Once I had at my PlayStation a really bad connection every download takes years online playing was lagging…
I solved this by setting my mtu on playstation down.
This can be done when you set up your network manually. I set it to 1450 or something like that i don’t remember. Its not the problem if its lower then possible only if its higher. You can get the best number with some commands in the cli of your windows or Linux but I think it would be enough if you just set it for example to 1300 and if it helps just go up by 50 steps until it makes problems again.

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I like your nickname :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I cannot understand the issue! I play on PlayStation too, if you need me to jump on server and check something i will gladly do it my fellow exile!
My psn is this…

Feel free to ask whatever you wish! Καλές γιορτές :christmas_tree:

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