How can I turn off Sheathed weapons?

Hi, I’m currently using fashionist mod to show my sheathed weapon which at the same time allows me to choose my weapon skin (without this mod almost all DLC are completely worthless). The current ingame implementation doesn’t so id like to know if there is an option to just turn the game implementation off and keep it as I was using it before.

thanks in advance!

Go to Settings and then Gameplay. Should be the option all the way at the bottom.

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unfortunately it doesnt work. It hides it for me but I can see double weapons on my back on my GF’s computer so I’m asuming everyone is looking at it glitched. Is there a way to just turn this off completely on the server?


There might be something in a config file somewhere but it likely is just the same thing as what is in the settings menu.

And it’s for PVP reasons that others can see your weapon if they have that turned on. And yes, to do with weapon visuals there are currently BUGS plaguing the code. There have been for many updates now. Sometime it seems to go away for a bit but then before you know, it’s back and bugged as ever.

Nope. You can hide the weapons you plan to use by sheathing a stone weapon.

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Oh, heh! clever you… :smile_cat:

but there are options: A) Show for all players, B) Show only for me, C) Don’t Show.

I’m assuming option C means don’t show at all but the current behavior is actually: I wont see it but the rest will.

Report it as a bug maybe?

The issue is mod related. The vanilla feature is working as intended.

What is happening is Fashionist has a feature that shows the weapons sheathed on a character. They added this feature before Funcom did. They left it in because it has some customizability (some things can be hidden or changed position or even change orientation).

When both are turned on, you will see the vanilla weapon and the Fashionist version. So each player needs to decide which one they would want to see.

In this case the OP has chosen to use Fashionist and turned off the vanilla version. However his GF has not, and sees both. Each player has to decide which feature to use individually. And there is nothing for Funcom to fix as they do not have access to Fashionist files, nor can they update anything on their end to fix it for Fashionist as its method is entirely different in how it displays the item.

Fashionist could potentially fix this. But to my knowledge they have decided not to since the players can simply choose which one they wish to use.

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Weapon visuals work? Hmmm…


Ummm, I guess not actually…???

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No, that is not what is happening, we are beyond that initial bug.

She did and what happens is that she doesn’t look at the skin but the basic weapon. This is what my initial post was about, I want to see and show to others the weapon skins selected by the mod, that is why I purchased a DLC, to dress my character. Basically disable Funcom’s implementation completely, preferably from the server so I don’t have to tell my 5 friends on my server to do the same and so far, I can’t.
We have one computer next to the other so it is very easy to test every scenario.

If it is not possible… then well its just a shame that funcom had to mess up something we had good.

It is a client setting so each of you can decide what they want to see on their screen and have to adjust it for their client. Or each of you can decide to keep the base game one and disable the one from Fashionist. There is no bug here, just options.

Thanks. So it is just a lack of options. It seems options are based on what I want to see but there are no options for what I want to show.

Its a oversized throwing knife right? RIGHT!?

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