How can you miss this violation

On official #1040 we have this abomination for a month on the spawn place of the Demon Spider world boss. I provided screenshots and locations weeks ago, but I got this message: “We found that the reported issue is no longer present in the game”. How could the support miss this?

I reported twice to Zendesk already. This attitude is infuriating.

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Interesting! Especially considering the way they claim to investigate things, this wouldn’t happen, right?

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Yes they absolutely did in fact for sure without a doubt copied the database of this server and investigated it. 100%.

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Is it still a ToC violation to block a world boss spawn?

It’s not but they didn’t quite say that. They stated that the reported issue was no longer present in the game. Instead of clarifying that it isn’t a violation.


It is strange if ToC not contain world boss spawn blocking. Those are highly unique resource, and always ignite a lot of whining. Personally I also sit down my 2 week ban 2 years ago when I blocked a world boss.

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Here’s the proof that they changed their mind on that:

If I remember correctly there are a total of 3 demon spider spawns.


There’s an unblockable demon spider boss in the wine cellar. This wouldn’t apply since there’s a guaranteed way to fight it still present in the game. However, the issue with the OP’s location is that the POI can’t be undiscoverable. I mentioned in the other topic similar to this that a clan on my server has made it impossible to discover the Wreck of the Martyr. That would in fact be a violation.


Just a quick follow up to my previous reply. Here are screenshots of the same location on my server. Note that I still don’t have location discovered. It’s just not possible with those massive gates and fences at the top…. If this clan is not removed, I’ve lost all faith in the system.

You can Just use spell Ice bridge or bat to Discovery It -_-

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You can… but why? When someone is being an ■■■■■■■, that defeats the purpose. That’s basically giving a pass to the behavior. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a violation.


I believe the rule for discovery is UNOBSTRUCTED ability for players to discover them. Somewhere recently they referred to the rule as not hindering another players playthrough. Discovery is part of that.


it’s hard to say, I guess it depends on the mood of the admin

Officially we can refer to the old thread where it is specifically mentioned by an FC staff member that it doesn’t matter.

Practically I was talking to another player on our server recently and he mentioned is his friend got banned for blocking WB

just chaos and anarchy

My situation is the same, the clan completely fenced off the island with anti climbing until the ghost fence. Of course we can fly in as I did, but it is very challenging for inexperienced players.

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But New players dont need to Discovery It in the Begin you Win nothing discovering It Island of course some players like to have all map opened but you can do It after build your base and learn all spells the map in exile land it soo big to be frusted Just because Someone build in a Island what It Guy ARE making you lose? Nothing so move on people shall know TOC rules ARE make to players ARE blocking real content , players ARE threating your base or players ARE legging map making you get BLUE screen or huge lag.

I only got half of what you typed. :thinking:

But anyway, you’re still not justifying the TOC violation. You’re telling people to just let others abuse the server how they see fit, even though it’s specifically stated in the rules to not block points of interest. It doesn’t matter if it’s POSSIBLE with certain mechanics to do it (mechanics that didn’t even exist in the game when the violators blocked it off originally). It shouldn’t be done to begin with… it’s an official public server provided by Funcom for general use. Telling others they need to play by one person’s rules when Funcom makes the rules for the server is a moot argument.

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Thankfully finding absolutely every location on the map is no longer a journey step. I’d have built a way for other players to easily access the POI due to the nature of the server. Want to completely seal off a POI? Go build on SIngle Player or a private server.

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Also in Scuttler’s shortcut where the Zath teacher is.

Based on the current ToC and clarification months back yours 100% is, but not this one.

So we can help @Cornelius in understanding that but not in the communication they’ve received from Zendesk :frowning: Another inconsistency to add to the list of BS.


Sealing off with fence 2 islands and blocking the world boss spawn contains definitely a malicious intent.

Making lag inducing huge castles, or the corner of the building blocks a boss spawn, these are the situations what I consider lack of awareness, but these are not deliberately offensive. Of course these sould be reported as well.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Could you please share the ticket number where you got that response?

We’ll follow up with the Help Center’s team to make sure everything is up to standard.

We hope to hear back from you.