Question on new rules (or rules in general)

I have a question in regards to the specifics of this rule:

"Some specific cases where we will act when made aware:

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, resources and other areas of the game."

Currently on Siptah I have a land claim which I wish to build further upon in the middle area of the map in between the main land of Siptah and the three southern islands added in 2.3. (Grid H7 just SW of the Gremlins vault). The problem is that if I choose to build on this claim it will cover the 3 skull bear spawn on top of this mountain.

I don’t believe that this boss drops any special loot nor any really notable loot of any sort, but with these new and more strict guidelines I want to be sure I am not violating anything. It seems, by reading the rules as they are written, that this could be determined a blocking of content… But it seems like this boss serves no purpose and I really would like to build in this location, as I believe it’s a great location with all the newer 2.3 content factored in.

What does anybody else think regarding this?

It is blocking content. . . proceed at your own risk.

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Thanks for the quick and direct response - I appreciate it. It’s too bad that it’s like that. I really don’t feel that the boss has any purpose but I love the location… :cry:

I completely understand, I have that same issue as I have accidently blocked a mob also and live in daily fear of being reported.


This is a good question. There are a lot of 1 star bosses out there, so this is a potential problem in a lot of situations. Some bosses even spawn at various rates, so it’s possible to have been through an area multiple times and not know a gold rock nose or demon croc can spawn in that spot

I’m assuming this is a boss that always spawns in this case. I don’t think they would normally take action against a player who blocks a single one skull common boss spawn, so long as it’s a building that serves some function and not clear claim spam

If it was a skeleton key boss I’d be more cautious.

This is why I think the spirit of the rules is important as well as there being a is a grey area.

If they came out and said “it’s fine to block one star boss spawns as long as it’s a building with a purpose” some troll would use that as an excuse to “unintentionally” block as many boss spawns as possible by building small outpost

I can’t 100% guarantee you wouldn’t be breaking the spirit of the rules, but as I interpret them blocking a single one skull boss spawn as part of a build likely wouldn’t be an issue

It is in fact a three skull boss (bear) in this case, but despite killing it several times I don’t think I’ve ever seen it drop anything of note that you can’t get from other mobs (It’s been a while since I harvested it but I would assume that it drops skeleton keys as well…).

I currently plan to not build on the spawn since this is a three skull and the rule exists, but if I just had a bit of clarification I would absolutely take the area in question.

If it were any boss where I saw any worth I would consider it to be a no-brainer to not build since the rules are in place… But really I wish the boss either had a greater purpose or didn’t exist at all. It would make the judgement call so much easier.

A no-build zone would also make this much more easy! Just down the hill there is a no-build zone, so it seems like the developers kept player structures in mind for this area and directly chose to leave it claimable.

The only thing I question here is reason I’ve blocked boss spawning due to the little beeeeeep going to my base and killing my thrall or other items destroyed so in those cases I would block the little beeeep in a fence made by me to stop it wandering 40 meters away from its home and screw mine up but to me it comes to reason for funcom well that’s for them to decide

Yes but spec on Sipta its content every wher on the map so its more or less imposseble to find a leagal spot.

Yes the rules is qute bad writen and unclear, same whit the ;

  • Massive constructions or over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

And other parts, what is to mutch and when is it blocking. And in combo whit no warning that its to mutch is a ewven wors combo. Atleast give the clan a chanse to coret the mistakes.

A yes they shud just extend the non build areas to make it more clear. Then they will save time and resourses direct from start.

A ‘no build zone’ could adversely affect single player and private servers and is not necessary. The rules are fairly clear on this and @OmniHeckinInu knew that when he posted. OP was simply hoping that he would hear a different answer (just as I would if I were in his shoes), but he didn’t.


But build restrictions shud not be in singel play or as optional, even on privat servers.

Even one more reson to change setings for diferent server types!

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I guess I hadn’t considered the single player repercussions! @DaVice, you’re pretty much right on the money otherwise. I wanted to hear that this building spot in particular on an online server would be acceptable.

The general response I’m seeing though is that it’s acceptable grounds for ban/report.

It seems that this is the case despite this boss not dropping skeleton keys at all nor any loot other than the regular harvestable items(I tested this by killing 50+ in single player since posting) apart from the same old advanced kits and such which you would get from any one skull boss from time to time. I’m glad it was mostly a one-sided response though because it makes my decision much easier to make!

Again, It does suck that it could be considered an issue to build there, but because I’d rather not take the chance… Well… I won’t! :rofl:


If you really love the spot and take the time to think about it , I’m sure you can find a way to build there while keeping the spawn intact for others , you can even "include it " in your build making a sort of (open to the public) arena around the spawn with easy access for others . I know it would need more work and thinking than just saying it but if you really love this spot …


The spot’s great, but not worth altering the entire build concept over just to house a bear. I appreciate the suggestion, though!

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Why u do not adjust ur base?

Long story. Originally I had not blocked the spawn, but then a clan moved in, built on my doorstep, and blocked the spawn. Then, after about six months, their base went into decay and so I completed my outer wall around my base that they had blocked me from doing, also I was also fearful another clan would do the same thing.
Even though I have looked up the exact location of the spawn, and considered changing my build, that would put the 3 star mob spawn right inside my base, and it would be a constant kill or be killed with my thralls.
I have no doubt my best thralls could keep killing this spawn, but what about damage to my builds in that area from the mob?


What mob was it?
How about no thralls around so they do not poke the mob?

And, to make matters less predictable, the POI Protections systems appears to activate randomly even when server settings (settings via the ServerSettings.ini file, there are no POI Protection settings in the Server Settings Settings screens) are specifically set to off.

I had a year+ old base despawn once the 2.7 POI Protections settings were released.

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