How come npcs survive the desert storm?

Shouldn’t they run for cover or drop dead so you can pick up their loot?

They’re barbarians… so, epically thick nose hair allows breathing in a sandstorm!

RTFM! :smiley:


Thanks, I hated that! :rofl:

As for the original question, it’s has a really simple answer. In fact, it has the same answer as all the following “how come NPCs”:

  • don’t get hungry?
  • don’t get thirsty?
  • don’t have stamina?
  • don’t have encumbrance?
  • can’t climb?
  • can’t build bases?
  • can’t write messages in global chat?

And the answer is “it’s a game, they’re not players, they’re AIs”. If that’s what breaks your immersion, I wonder how you feel about dying, respawning, and butchering your own corpse for food and/or souls. :wink:


Yeah, but I can do all of that outside the game in real life.


I think it would be insane if the npcs can climb … that should happen


I have always thought that NPCs should crouch down and cover their heads or something during a sandstorm. I’m pretty sure I told my friend that very thing during my first month of playing this game.

They wouldn’t take any damage, and if you got within aggro range, they would still attack like normal, but it would just be something that would show they know the sandstorm is there.


I have a developer friend in Belgium I’ve worked with on a few contract projects; He claimed he couldn’t stand any game with music or teleporting in it for the same reasons. We played CE for about 7 months but about the first time we all had to wait for him to ride across the exiled lands instead of using the maproom he caved in to both…

People are funny… Ya gotta love it…

:scream: :fearful: Fear strikes as everyone has to rethink just about every safety measure in the game!

Bahahahaaa… Sounds like fun! :japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin:


I do remember my first time of facing a sandstorm really well. My first logical reaction was to jump in to deep waters and dive to the bottom. Yet the sandstorm effect was still killing me…
It seemed so wrong to me back then, it was the first thing I really didn’t like as a fresh player to the game, I find it… stupid. Later on however, when I understood the “logic” of the game, I realized that this programing, no mater how wrong it seemed, it was correct. The same exactly with the crocodiles. I remember wondering in the noob river seeing a crock jump out of water (animation) biting on the air (the air :rofl::rofl:). This however gave me some cripples using swimming near to crocodiles, I was thinking that if they spot me they will hunt me to death in the water. Later on I realized that crocodiles in this game don’t swim… It was nice and disappointing at the same time.
You know… how do I avoid a crocodile? I swim away :person_facepalming:t3:.
A lot things from the first sight of a gamer, might seem wrong.
Hopefully the game is so beautiful, with so great content, that these minor details, remain minor in the end as they should be.
However, the population of your game might be defined from the first gaming hours of a gamer. It really had a lot to keep me and it still does


This might fix some of the pathing issues for purges while simultaneously encouraging fortress builds with greater verisimilitude.
However, this one is fairly certain it would require a lot of back end work. So possibly less likely.
Are there any mods existent that do this?

NPCs attacking in water may be a thing down the line, considering players can do so now. It would definitely change up early game play on the Exiled Lands.

The shelter system has always been a… um… work in progress. Being entirely inside a cavern with no shelter still happens in a few places. This is likely an ongoing issue that is often being refined. This one has seen several updates with such an impact.
For this one’s preferences, having sandstorm beasts spawn in the Sandstorm would be a premium addition. That would handle the issue of other NPCs not reacting as well, to an extent.


A friend of mine played CE for about 2 hours. And then never again…
My counter shows 2797 hours…
People are different… :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah! Sandbeast in the storm! What I always thought! Always hoped for a “Introxperiece”! :partying_face:

But more on the topic of climbing, this one thinks, before humanoids climb, the arachnids should.

Just imagine the joys of all the spider filled caves if they could drop down on you from the ceiling. Or if there is a purge with giant spiders, it could just climb up your outer walls.


You got a subscriber (for at least a week :rofl: , but I finish my run on Savage Wilds, and start on the original map with this enabled)!

Apes climbing on trees and throwing rock/feces at you…


I think the answer is blatantly simple. Your character should never have survived. From the very start of the game, you had to be helped to get off the cross and your weakest thralls still outmatch you. I personally believe the NPC’s just feel pity for you and fake falling down so you can “break” them on the wheel.

I mean really…500 hp? Isn’t that like a hyena?
And the sad thing is they can shurg off the storm as well.

Not mention they hate walking, and will teleport behind you…

There Just LAZY, unwilling to do there jobs right!

“Sand Storm! BAH, I’m gonna stand here and expect my low level pay as is!”
will now break all rules

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I also asked this on your steam site, but is this compatible with SandstormEX?

As someone who has used both, I think even if running them together worked, it violates the point of drachenfeles’s mod. His mod has a bigger sandstorm that sweeps the lore friendly zone; where as sandstormex has many different paths. They both have stormbeasts so I would pick one or the other.


I totally forgot about the monsterspawn in SandstornEX. I guess I never tested it because of the “experimental” status of this feature. Thx for reminding me :smiley:
I will test both mods, and if they work well together.

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Excellent rejoinder! I wanna play that purge! And for sure if any NPCs should climb it would be spiders!


A skittering of Zathlings is scouting your base…