How do I fix dumb guards?

Hello! I recently back to the game, and few months ago, the Funcom said they would improve the a.i. of the mobs (or something like that)… apparently it didn’t happen.

My favorite thing in this game is to create a building and to imagine ways to protect it from the purge without fight beside my guards. But there is a problem since… always on Conan and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

For example: I added an archer at the wall, but instead to shoot the enemies from there, she’s going down the stairs and fighting as melee against them.

The point is that yesterday I was creating a base and it worked. But this is not the same wall… only a similar. The other wall had anything behind it like my building, and I’m imagining the information is confusing the archer.

I also didn’t create a tall building and the guards can fight near the floor (the default, original), because I know there are some bugs when they walk over a player construction).

She’s absolutely useless now! What should I do? Is there any solution?

(I beg your pardon if my text is bad, English isn’t my original language).

I’ll try to do this, but yesterday it wasn’t a problem, she shooted the enemies with a fence wall.

If archer thralls get close to mobs, they will melee fight, and that’s OK.
When possible, archer mobs might step back to shoot instead of melee (I’m yet to find if thralls do that too).
And the reason archer thralls are terrible with fences is mainly because they will try to cripple first, so they’ll aim down hitting fences and such until they cripple (and they won’t cripple because of the fences).
I just place my archers in a single ceiling square attach to walls.


Try boxing you archers in with fence. I also remove there melee weapon.Less options they have the better

To defend a bridge I realized a “bridge under the bridge”, a space unaccesible (without climbing from pillars) under the main bridge with door frames as walls, placing archers on that (so, without fences they can hit, because they do it).

It worked quite fine, they are now able to shot monsters attacking the pillars and they do not try to go melee.

For base defences I used the same “trick” suggested by @Wonka but it worked… partially.

Because the enemies, being unable to reach archers, go under the ceiling, preventing archers to have a line of fire on them.

On new buildings (or bases I can modify without rebuild all) I’ll use the trick of the bridge instead, making little spaces in the wall and the archers placed on them.

But one more important thing: the “false” bridge I built is still 3 foundations high from ground level, I noticed archers placed higher do not shot at all at enemies.

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