How do i get my nudity to work

I tryed everything an looked it up on youtube. If anyone can help me i would be very grateful thank you

There are TWO Locations for Nudity setting.

One is for Server, which effects everyone.
Other is personal. (so if you dont want to see jingle jangle, on a nude server)

Both are in Options. (from main menu) (also during gameplay)
Settings to Gameplay, At top (set to Partial or Full)

2nd spot, (can be found when loaded into the game, or creating a new game)
Server Setting, To “General”, Scroll down abit. Almost at bottom is Maximum Nudity. Set to desersed effect. (just below Clan Max Size)

Also, depending on version of game, you may or not be allowed.

ESRB rated version, has no bottomless. (Xbox version may still beable to nab it)

PAL and Other versions do.


I have the Xbox one vision, i tryed both setting. Gamertag is Payuporgethi but i cant find a way to get it to work

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Ok you play on xbox. In which region? If you are playing on console in the US I do not think you can turn it on, though I could be wrong as I play on PC. Also, you did not mention what the server settings are set to. Are you on an official server, a private server or solo game? If official or private server what are the settings set to? If they are not set to full then no matter what your settings are on you will not be able to go into full nudity. You will need to provide a little more information.


Aww im in the us i emailed someone in everthing, i was trying to put it to the test wanted to see the good the details was on everything,love the fact is arpg game,love who im able to climb walls, But most importantly an i say this because I like to play solo, dont get me wrong i still like playing online but i never had the option to talk to a NPC and have them work for you, and fight by my side. Shoutout to all The NPC who stoked by my said when i was one hit from dieing an to those who gave there life fot there belief,

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bien hermano no te compliques es facil esa respuesta te voy a enviar 2 imagenes de portadas para que veas:
1 -

en este tiene la censura osea que no tiene el desnudo completo solo parcial.
2- si tiene el desnudo completo eso fue lo que hice yo compre esta version para poner tener mi desnudo completo jajajajajaja saludos.

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