How do I get rid of that new popup?

I don’t want to mess with my computer settings…and I keep getting popups that are annoying. How do I turn off the darn thing?

And thanks lots for messing up my UI. Now I have to try and get it back.

Way to make friends, Funcom.

Can you be more specific about what you’re experiencing? I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the UI, but that is sometimes to be expected when we change or add UI elements. We can’t offer direct support if you’re using a custom third-party UI not developed by us. :frowning:

When I downloaded the game this morning, I had literally six or more popups from Funcom talking about doing something to my computer I think to download something for the unconquered. Then I had more when I logged into game. Then here and there when I put in a new char.

I really don’t want to mess with the innards of AOC. I have a friend who will help me download the UI I was using tonight, but I have a raid in t6 in an hour and I am worried that I wont be at my best since the UI now is default and Ive not used that for a couple of years

Big annoyance was that popup from Funcom though. Seems like it might have stopped now. But if Funcom puts in new content I don’t see why I should have to install something to use it.

Seems to not be popping up right now so I’ll send a reply if I get another one


what kind of popups ? is it the ui file is too old ones ?
after patching the revision number, custom uis usually work after patches, except the new functionalities will not be there.
you can fix that with aoc ui installer, make it point to the proper folder, and click “patch” at the bottom.

Well, weird you got 6+ popups about Aoc, I’ve never seen it (better check your data for some weird stuff if it’s really as you told). Next step, use Funcom Original updater without extra viruses or whatever stuff you downloaded and it should be good :smiley: Thank me later

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I just went on and and after everything loaded I got a ‘Aocxxxtweeter’ wants to make changes, but I get that all the time so meh. Then I had to reaccept the EULA since they made a big change to the program, also normal and then once in I got the Daily Login Bonus window and after that the Store window which always happens.

So just what pop up’s are you seeing?

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If they’re vertical black boxes talking about certain files that can’t be located, it’s directly related to your custom UI. Fixing the UI will solve it.

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Its fixed…and I got back my UI thanks all

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