How do I save a save before starting another save?

Title says it all really, or most of it.

I want to start a new save, but don’t want to lose the old save as I use it for making youtube series’.

How do I save that old save (and have it updated by game updates) so I can keep making youtube series’ from it, but at the same time - how can I enjoy the early stages of a new save, which is the bit I like best (i.e. before level 60).

Hope some one can reply with specific instructions and file/folder paths because I stumped trying to work it out (and I do it constantly for other games).

on PS4 I think it is not possible to make a save copy and you will have to forcibly delete it or create a new user and play with it

I’m on PC not console, but thanks for the reminder that I must state this when starting threads.

Many thanks drachenfeles.

So, just to clarify … after moving game.db and/or dlc_siptah.db (and the modlist.txt if used) - I can delete all the game_backup_x.db and/or dlc_siptah_backup_x.db files?

What about all the game_build_abcdef_x.db and dlc_siptah_build_abcdef_x.db files?

Edit: forgot to ask
What about all the files in the /ConanSandbox/Saved/Logs/ and /ConanSandbox/Saved/SaveGames/ folders?
Do I need to move those too (the SaveGames folder has a lot of stuff from Pippi, Pickup+ and others including MP_ModSettings.sav

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drachenfeles has covered all this well, I just thought it might be useful to add the perspective of someone who frequently swaps save games (and goes back to old ones) -
I started out worried about all the extra files and not sure how important they were, but now I don’t worry about them at all. All I do is copy (or move) the existing game.db or dlc_siptah.db to another folder (on my desktop for ease of access) - and add something to the name to help me identify which save it is (eg. game 12.19.21.db or game ‘character name’.db).
All of the backup files, mod files and other folders I just ignore. The Backups will get overwritten by the new game as you play it, and the other files seem to do no harm.
If using different modlists, I keep a list somewhere of what mods relate to what save, so I can get the list back in the right order.

The only thing from your original post that might potentially become an issue in the long term is the question of how to ‘have it updated by game updates’ - That shouldn’t be a problem (because the save actually doesn’t update in that sense), but the one consideration is the mods. If you have a save file and mods that were essential for that save stop being updated (and thus stop working with the latest version of the game), then you can find that you are unable to get back into the save (or that things will be deleted if you do). However - this would have been the exact same situation if you were still using it as your current save and the mods didn’t get updated - it’s just the danger of playing with mods. In theory (aside from mods) any save game from any point in time should be possible to re-visit, however many base game updates there have been in between.


Many thanks both drachenfeles and DanQuixote - that makes things a lot clearer and simpler.

I guess now I just have to dive in and give it a go.

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