How do i start isle of siptah?


… sorry for the stupid question, but how do i start isle of siptah?

I have many hours, years :slight_smile: Conan Exile played, now i bought isle of siptah and have a new start
screen (same screen but with isle of siptah logo). If I choose to continue i can play Conan Exile,
good, but if i choose a new character, will the character in Conan Exile be deleted? And can i play
with the new character in siptah?

I would like to continue playing Conan Exile, and play isle of siptah with a new character, is that
possible? … i don’t want to delete my character just to be able to play siptah, are there then two
game saves? - and if so, how can i choose?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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Yes I think there are 2 game saves. If you start Siptah you will start a new character. If you go back to Exile Lands, your character and all your buildings will be saved.
You select here,

urg, i may not have seen the select map button, i have to look, thanks for the help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Yumi,

You should create a new game for the Isle of Siptah map. Pay close attention to the left side of the screen when you select “New game” you’ll have the option to choose maps. If you set to Exiled lands you will get a confirmation message to overwrite your previously saved game.

Please let us know if you encounter any further issues on our Lands. :slight_smile:

Ok, have now checked, but i see on start screen no select map button,
only continue / new game


and when i click new game, the next window is to activate coop. … then comes
the selection for Conan Exile or Siptah?



That’s right, after choosing your game mode Single-player or Co-op, you’ll get to the match settings and to the map selection. :smiley:

We have this PC guide but it should give you the general idea on what you should expect to see:

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Thanks Mayra & Oso,

now I clicked on and came to the selection, i was very afraid that my save would be deleted, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:
… not seen the pc guide :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks y’all guys.
I hadn’t seen the switch map option neither.
I was afraid to lose my character too.
Thank you very much.

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