How do Pets gain Attribute points?

Just wondering, couldn’t find specifics anywhere.

How does the Stat point gain upon lvlup get calculated?

For the following tests i had no Points in Authority and did not count the (green) Points from Perks.

Test 1: 8 Greater Sabres with 70% STR growth chance gained on average exactly 20 Points in total when levelling from 0 to 20 in one go via GiveFollowerXP.
Does that mean the 70% growth is actually 100%, as in one point per level?

However that can’t be true, because they can gain more than 30 STR total, so >1 point per lvl (they start with 10 at lvl 0). Where does that extra point come from?

This suggests that maybe theres always one guaranteed point per level growth, and the 70% actually represent the chance of gaining an additional second stat point per level. But that can’t be true either, because then they wouldn’t average out to 30, but 44.

Levelling 8 Greater Sabres from 0 to 20 in one go, all with 70% STR and a stack of abysmal flesh, so 84% resulted in an average gain of 20.62. This test has 2 problems, the test number of 8 is very low and i don’t know if levelling them in one go actually applies the Abysmal Flesh buff on each levelup. If no, the 20.6 might be accurate, If it does, the difference between 70% and 84% does not seem to actually help at all in a real levelling journey.

I wondered because a Sabre that had 82% natural STR growth and that i always fed with abysmal while levelling it on official ended up with 32 Points, meaning the 96% STR only scores 2 points better than the 70%. Then again, i have no idea what those % actually mean. I vaguely remember there being “natural” growth per level and this number being the chance to add a second point to the resp. stat, but i cant find anything about it and as said earlier, in that case it wouldn’t equal out on 1 point per level, but 1.7.

What exactly do those % Numbers mean atm? Are they doing anything? Ty for reading

Nope. Every time your pet levels up, the game looks at each attribute and “rolls dice”, i.e. it generates a random number from 0-99. If that number is less than the growth chance, then the game increases that attribute and rolls dice once more. That second roll has half the growth chance to add an additional point to that attribute, but the second roll happens only if the first roll succeeded.

So, on each level, your follower can gain 0, 1, or 2 points to each stat, governed by the rules of chance that I described above.

For the growth chance you mentioned – 70% in STR – on each level there’s a 30% chance your pet won’t get any increase in STR, 45.5% chance it’ll get +1 to STR, and 24.5% chance it’ll get +2 to STR.

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This reply is exactly what i was hoping for.

Curious: If one stat has a growth chance of 100%, and the Follower eats a 14% food, will it carry over to make the second roll 57%, or will it stay at 50%?

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I can’t be 100% sure, but I think it will.

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