Thrall growing rate probabilty

i have a t4 figher born with 90% growth health probabilty. good, lucky !

so if i give him steak do add the +14% growth rate bonus for health i should be sure that he gain vitality point at each level ?

but no… he don’t, sometime no point at all in vitality with 104% ? and points go in accuracy where he has 40% growing probability…
so well do the food bonus actually work ? because 90 + 14 probaility vitally should give vitality point at each level but it don’t ? do i miss somehing ?


I wonder if its programmed to roll a d100 and then if it just looks at the first 2 numbers making it a 4%.

that would be a big “womp womp”

You over flowed the game logic going above 100% :smiley:

From my findings leveling many thralls and monitoring their growth rate closely I came to the assumption taht thralls have a hidden overall growth modifier.
I generally record my thralls stats at 6, 10 and then 20. If ther are good “gainers” at early levels, they ALWAYS continue this trend until max level.
Think of this as somehting like a hidden x0.8-1.2 factor.


We noticed something like that yesterday, we had a level 7 that was already ahead of a level 15 for hp when the 15 had a higher gain chance for vit and no Vit perks.

I was tinkering around with some pets today on single player. Had one pet that had around 60% growth chance in agility, and with my 14% vitality food buff, it had 84% growth chance in vitality. If I remember correctly, the base starting stat in both agility and vitality was zero.

Statistically you would expect it to have higher vitality than agility once reaching max level.

After leveling it to 20, it ended up with something like 22 agility and 18 vitality. The probability of that happening is fairly low. But that is the way things work with probabilities. Sometimes you get outliers like this when running single trials. But if you consistently keep getting results like this, after multiple experiments, then that is a good indication there are some hidden variables at work.

Wish I had more time to run a lot of trials. But it is such a pain when leveling things with console commands since you have to refresh the food buff you are using after every single level.

One thing I have to ask as I just thought about it after posting my above comment. Did you leave a stack of your buff food in your T4 thrall the whole time while leveling it???

If so, that could be the reason why some levels you did not get an increase in that stat, even though you “thought” the growth chance was over 100% for that stat. The reason is the thrall does NOT get the growth chance buff UNLESS it eats from that stack BEFORE reaching the next level. Once it levels, it loses the growth chance buff unless it eats another food item from the stack of food.

The way to avoid this is to FORCE the thrall to eat from the stack before reaching the next level by taking the stack out of the thrall’s inventory and putting it back in. Or you can place a single piece of the food into the thrall’s inventory before the next level. Or you can even move the food stack already in the thrall’s inventory to another slot of the thrall’s inventory. All 3 methods will force the thrall to eat a single piece of food and regain the buff.

Dont know if this is the cause in your case but thought I’d throw that out there in case you were not aware of this.

When a thral has gained a level, is it not true that their HP needs to recap to the new HP, and as such, they will consume food from a stack in their inventory? If this is true, then wouldn’t the movement of food items be redundant?

No not always. There are several scenarios where this could crop up. For example:

  1. If you are leveling a thrall with 100% growth in some stat other than vitality and the vitality is less than 100% growth chance. You will get some levels where vitality does not level up. HP will stay the same and thus the thrall will not eat from a food stack after leveling. You must force the thrall to eat after every level with no vitality increase to avoid this scenario.

  2. Even if you are leveling HP and it is equal or greater than 100% growth chance this could still happen. They could be under prior healing effects and reach the new HP cap shortly AFTER a level and thus not eat from the stack. This is more likely to happen with followers that do not get a lot of health for each new point in vitality. Also another scenario is if there other healing effects present like healing arrows that heal quick enough to push to the new HP cap right after a new level and the thrall then does not eat from the food stack.

  3. Finally you could get multiple levels for a single kill when the thrall levels, and the thrall has no time to eat from a food stack. Typically happens in the first couple of levels when you take a new thrall out and then kill something that gives a ton of XP. Granted forcing the thrall to eat wont stop this. The only way to stop it is to kill low XP mobs in the first couple of levels. I typically kill about 10 fawns with a new T4 thrall to avoid this issue. This is especially important at level zero. It is too easy to skip level 1 and go to level 2 on the first kill, and you will miss a chance to get the food buff for level 1.

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KK, I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that every time an NPC raises a stat, there’s another chance to get an extra point, but the chance for that is not the same as the original percentage shown on the Stats page. It’s “hidden”. I’ve lucked out with some Exile fighters with a 40 % increase chance who have got +7 to a stat in four level-ups, suggesting that the “bonus” percentage is pretty high in his case. (Or maybe I should just play the lotto this weekend, get rich, quit my job and dedicate all my time to testing NPC leveling, because hitting unlikely odds seems to be my thing this week.)

Yeah I hear ya. I have also noticed that some followers seem to consistently get a high growth chance in a particular stat. So that would be even another hidden variable dependent on the particular follower.

Another example is even the same follower type will not level a certain stat at ALL. For example I have had a few mounts that I leveled that never got a single stat increase in archery all the way to max level. The probability of that is ridiculously low. One time that happens is an extreme outlier. Multiple time, I am the most unlucky person in the cosmos or it hints that is another hidden variable. Or some weird bug…

I bet as time goes on more people will reveal even more of these little Easter eggs in follower leveling.

i give one unit each time level up

already trained may be 300 thralls, and really i see very weird thing, starting to wonder if whole system of growing rate is not bugged.

but anyways whati described at first is a bug, if a thrall has 90 or 95% probabilty and give him the +14 buff, he is not sure to have point at each, to be clear 70% of the points with a growing rate of 104 have landed in other stats… using one unit food each time to get the +14%

Has anyone ever seen a thrall get a point in every stat during a single level up? I was talking to a clan mate who recently returned and started experimenting with thrall leveling just within the past two weeks. He mentioned that he thinks you can only get 3 or so opportunities for stat growth to increase total per level and even if you have a high %, if one of the other stats randomly level up first, the high % may be excluded because the total number of stat points raised hit its cap before the RNG looked at Vitality for example.

I brushed it off thinking there’s no way that is the case, but I have not seen more than 3 stat points raised since I started paying attention - and that there may be something to that?

Is it possible that there’s an unspecified cap on the growth chance % to ensure that it always remains a chance? If that is the case then it would explain the anomaly of the 104% failing to guarantee an increase, it would also be frustrating that the game fails to anounce the cap. I’m purely speculating here, hopefully the answer is revealed somewhere.

Not sure that is much help but I hope it is.

I’m definitely playing the lotto this weekend. Six level-ups with a 40 % (+14) growth change in STR has yielded +11 to the stat.

I also have a thrall with rubbish stat increase chances (in the 40’s and 50’s for all stats except ACC and Survival), and she’s getting at least +1 to all stats every level-up.

Of course, the number of iterations in my testing is still small enough to be considered anecdotal, so odds are that RNG has simply favored me for once. But if similar experiences start to accumulate, it becomes reason to assume that something on the dice-rolling system isn’t working as we think it should.

Yep. Instant leveling to 20 has its downfalls because of the foodbuff.

Kapoteeni, you are lucky! If this was my thrall leveling, if it’s a fighter, I would bet there would be nothing but archery perks. :slight_smile: