How do we get access to the new Dragonbone light and medium sets?

Anyone know how to get the new Dragonbone sets?

Go to the tower and use fragments of power in any of the pedestals and get a schematic.1 schematic for 1 FOP.Sometimes u get nothing.Everything is random.Take at least 50 FOP and u should get the dragonbone armour maybe.Good luck.

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I did that for the Heavy set… did they add the light and medium to tower as well?

They have the dragon armour,dragon hide and dragonbone.I always thought that was the light and medium.I have not seen dragonbone light or dragonbone medium.

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So yes the Dragon stuff is the Heavy. The new armor is Dragonbone (that is the medium) and DragonHide (that is the lite) All of them are void forged. Are the two new recipies also from the tower?

Edit: Ok yes that was it. They were added to the tower. Thanks bigjohn!

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