How do we view all players that have ever logged into our private dedicated server?

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue:* Bug | Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: North America

My Private Game Server, keeps randomly clearing out the password. I have seen a few new player structures in the window of after restart cleared password startup, the PW clearing issue has been brought up in another topic i created (Dedicated Server App keeps blanking out the server password after a daily restart of the app) . I am wanting to know, how do we see all players that have ever logged into the server? I see a player list, but i don’t see these other players in the log, so i am uncertain if they logged in past the seven days or not, my server settings back up the files for up to 7 days. How can we see as ADMIN or Owners of the Private servers, a complete log of every player that may of connected to our server? I know we can see the player list when currently on, but not when they are offline in my case.

in the Game Database on your Server you’ll find a table “characters”. There are all created characters listed. The field “lastTimeOnline” contains a Unix Timestamp.
For only few characters you can use this site to convert the timestamp:

For more characters, the website is unpractical and a tool would be come in handy.

How will i view the database? I found the game.db

it is on the server and is called “game.db”, found in this folder: “Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved”.
you can open it with a SQLite explorer like this one (I use it too):

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This is great question. How would one do it for Console? OR is there no way to get that info right now?

If not, @Ignasi / @Tascha
I am requesting/suggesting some way to get player names, clans, last log in for Console Privates (owner access only). I don’t know if it might be a legal thing to “share” the psn ID (even though they are visible on the player list). So can you find out if it is even possible? Right now, with the player list broken, we can’t even screen shot.
I like to keep a personal log of the different players when monitoring greifers and cheaters on my Gportal PS4 server

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I see the tables and columns and rows in it, but i can not seem to find actual information. How do you navigate to view the information?

A picture says more than thousends of words :wink: :


outstanding. thank you much!

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