How do you get a Tablet of Power?

Do you need to just keep turning in Fragments Of Power at the Map Room scroll case until you get lucky and earn the recipie?

Also, how do you get the ability to craft Legendary repair kits (and Armour) ?

I thought that with the last update you didn’t need a T4 Armourer Thrall anymore.

Is this not true?


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You need to get the recipe from the wall in the unnamed city.

You need an armorer or blacksmith with a hammer icon in the tinkers bench to make legendary armor and weapon kits respectively

I hope this helps!


It helps but I have some followup Q’s.

Is the recipie given at random?

Do I just have to keep spending FOP to get scrolls until I get the recipe for the Tablet of Power?

Also, is there a good location to find the Armourer I need?

Thanks again.

Random - yes. Keep spending those FoP or make a trade with another player.

Armorer/Blacksmith locations - random. Personally, I get it pretty quick with the sepermaru rotation.


What do you mean the Sepermaru rotation?

You mean just going through the city?

I know there are a lot of good Thralls in there, but I just get overrun by all the Thralls once I try to put down the one I want. Lol

You’ve been a great help.

Thanks sooooo much!

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Yeah. It’s pretty easy to isolate the armorers and blacksmiths that spawn near the upper and lower northside section of the city. Just takes some practice. :D. You’ll do fine! :smiley:




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If you are struggling with Sepermeru I would strongly suggest checking out sinners refuge:

The NPCs are much easier to handle, and there is almost a guaranteed T4 thrall on most visits. Also the cave contains brimstone :slightly_smiling_face:

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