How I use Family Sharing

So, not everyone uses Family Sharing to cheat the system, as FunCom has just learned.

This is how I use it.
I’m a server admin on a small private RP-PVP server that is set up for a small group of friends solely
We are all old schoold Pen&Paper RPers that enjoy non-linear adventures.

On our server an admin also acts like a Gamemaster. For that purpose I have purchased 4 CE accounts which give me 20 character slots, which are all in use.

Archenemies, villains, Kings and Queens, a tavern owner, priests, master craftsmen, shamans, chieftains, pirates, monsters. All are GM-controlled characters, that the players can/will encounter throughout the course of, now, several massive server plots.

With Family Sharing disabled, the server theme and plotlines are pretty much torpedoed, until a fix is in the works.

For as long as it takes you at FC to work out a fix, the server is non-playable as we log in to RP, not to build and gather ressources (players are provided with all materials and gear). Special gear is acquired as part of storylines; as part of the ongoing RP that has at this point lasted about 1½ year.

I understand the reasons why FC disabled Family Sharing, but to do so without warning, so precautions could be made to see that the RP could continue, or without providing an alternative (x number of character slots linked to one account like in AoC) is laudable to say the least (as you have already mentioned).

So, unless a fix is provided within this week, I ask, beg really, that Family Sharing is re-enabled until such time you can communicate the alternative properly and provide a fix that is QAed.

I’d provide screenshots of all the wonderous characters that 4 accounts have enabled me to create through 2000+ hours of roleplay in CE, but it would blur the message and… guess what; they are no longer available to me.


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