How long do Zombies last?

Hi Fellow Exiles,
I summon Zombies frequently because they are expendable. But they also disappear very frequently.
If I logout for like a day, the next time I log in, they are gone.
It looks like they have an expiry date? Is it true?
This only happens on Official Servers, not Single Player.

I dont really know, but in my experience they die in 24-48 hours… One of these days Im gonna find out by experimenting.

It is. I don’t know what the average is, but I think it is ~3 days.

Probably because singleplayer isn’t running when you aren’t playing, so it will take a long time to add up enough hours for them to decay.

Thank you both @Tephra and @Smoketreader !
So it is true… Sure it makes sense - corpse rot anyway, but at least let us know when.

It’s 3 days but idk if it’s 3 real days or 3 ig days. Mine never live that long.

It cant be ingame days thats for sure. I know that some morning I see they have died in my base, but I never have measured the actual time it takes.

Mine lasted just over 24 hours.

And I get about 50 hours. I’m wondering if it’s a variable based on thrall used

I couldn’t say anything for certain, but I think it is just really random. I could ask some modders to look into it and see if they can find a more conclusive answer, but the coding for it might not be available in the devkit.

It is base game, so the bluprint should have something.

Maybe they are tied to some sort of durability multiplier? This would at least explain why some die apparently sooner then others.

Yeah… I know i took mine out on yhe town for a bit, about 3 hours of vaukt running. Maybe when they follow the timer decreases faster?

Mine are consistently 48hrs.

Im starting to think its 24 hours, but it only counts the hours you are actually logged in. (as in, when you are not in the game the timer doesnt run)

EDIT: scratch that, it cannot be that since they are always gone on the third day when I log in,… event log says they died but not what to.

Testerle says the base time is 2 days (172800.0 seconds).

There are several possible modifiers that can affect this, but he can’t tell if any of them are functional.

There is also completely non-trivial possibility that the timers are bugged somehow.

But overall 48 hours seems legit from what I have experienced. I just havent measured the exact time since I raise them when I feel the need.

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