How long does the free chest keys buff last and how often this gonna happen?

Sure,short term it burings lots players,new o returning.
But long term,first of all,weekend already have considerable amount of activities on,what need a population boost is the time out of weekend,which you wait for a whole day and cant form a group to run stuff.
Second,free to play players gonna be free to play players,not descrimination but objectively they are,perhaps not useless,but not as important as paid ones due to their near to zero contribution to keep the business running.So yeah,now you have free weekeneds,you bring lots of f2p players,at the same time you utterly degraded the value of PATRONAGE,which a very important part of it is grant you more keys per day.So if the free weekend gonna be often,nobody gonna buy patronaje except they need the extra exp to level up.Because noboday care about extra keys out of weekend and in weekend,well,they are imitable free.
This is going to far to be honest.Some bonus for new players,some recompensate like 2 cache keys per carácter for the extra server offline time is good,but this is going to far.
I hope this is just another festivity which wont happen often.O I,and many paid and utter paid players like me,will just deinstal the game and find another.I dont like the feeling that its like when a country goverment start to inprint toons of billetes of max amount,because follow that is the totaly crash of the economy.



If you are so desesperately want to grab ppl in short term dont care at what cost long term…let me tell you,make key-free in non-weekend day.
Already planty weekend playing ppl are we ran activities quit often,but normal days,we do short of ppl.
And if you aim this game for weekend play…well then as a mmo this game is dead already.No mmo could be aim for weekend play only lol

yes,repeatly same stuff,same content.Okay I can accept this because funcom dont have resource.
But not if they are making another mistake that make patronaje ect. feel useless.Thats suicide of the business.
Anyway,I just ask if this gonna happend often.If it gonna become something normalito,I just desinstal,and certainly,for consecuence,wont gonna spend even 1 euro on it.

This is something nice, to make us (all of us) feel better about the recent server travails.

Enjoy! Not a time really to look a gift horse in the mouth, as it were…

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It will be until Tuesday, is not the first time it happened and is relatively rare due to it’S big impact on progression/funcoms bottom line. Enjoy it when it’S around I would say.

Not seeing how it devalues patron as most f2p probably don’t use up there keys or never push that high up. Most endgame players I met were either patron or ex-patron (due to getting high enough or even capping out IP), not like it created a new breed of high end free to play players populating “endgame”.
Most people I see making use of this weekend are patrons (and ex-patrons) which have the ability to farm OD 21 back to back or have a cabal/essences to join regional farms.

I get were you are coming from but I can’t see it playing out that way.

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I feel something wrong in long term,and short term I just dont care because I am a patronage and dont care about spent money.
Some festivity is always good as long as its just festivity,means not gonna happen oftern and become something normal
Funcom never did this–or at least I never saw this–and they did it without any anouncement o being anytype of festivity,it make reason to let me believe its kinda the first step of----well,like a economy crash of a country.
So thats why I want something clear,I do want to know its just festivity,o it gonna be happen oftern in future weekends.
If the last thing,then well,the game is dead,not by anything but by suiciding.

wel thats good…I was afraid it gonna be their new tactic to grab more population,then I would ask they at what cost.

This sounds very contradictory. You say that being negative will turn players away, and your comments sound very negative. For the most part it sounds like you are personally more bothered that it’s your status has been devalued.

There are a vast number of players who are GM accounts, and while they are classed as paid players from a CS point of view, some contribute just as little as a f2p player.
You also have to factor in to this that some of the players you see will be alt accounts on a f2p basis and yet are still either GM players or even paid players.
You can’t really assume that a f2p player contributes nothing, as they are there and playing and without people to play with as a whole, everyone has no-one to play with.
Some people.wont even have the shards to upgrade gear with all the free loot chests no matter how many dungeons or lairs they do.
Some will not even be on level yet either.

It’s almost like a delicate eco balance, much like the micro world of a forest floor.
You take one thing away and it upsets how everything else works with and in relation to each other.
As regards the devalue of patronage. The fact we don’t have these free key weekends often is so that it doesn’t devalue it.
If anything, bee grateful for the free stuff and bee grateful for the possible newcomers who will join this MMO - everything else, is up to you.
We are this games promotion - so use and choose your words and time carefully.
Encourage them to stay, make new friends - show them how good you and we can be.
This game is niche, all we can hope for is that they stay for the long term.

There is also a sale on imbuers and such.

I am a paid subscriber, I pay every month my miniscule £9.99 - I also have only 200k shards, that’s not going to go far with all the possible upgrades I could have with my gold gear.
I don’t feel devalued not one bit.
I’m happy that the free key weekend has come about.
It would have been nice during the anniversary.
But I’m still happy none the less.


I am a customer which bought a very considerable amount of products from funcom,surely I would care about it if it gonna been devalued.Every costumers would consider this,only few willing to buy something just because they want support even they dont need o they feel unworthy.Then a business cant success even cant keep alive with just these type of customers because they are very inferior numericly and they just wont spend toon of money for nothing but support.So what I am considering is about myself as customer and also about the future of the game as a business which is what it truely is.It is totaly logic.
I used to being kind of White knight for funcom but by the time and by the story you told me in personal I have some other opinions.I apreciate the recompensate of the server offline time which are 2 extra cache keys per carácter,considering how long the offline time take it is a very fitful recompensate.But then the free keys in weekend,no anouncement of any festivity,nobody said nothing,thats why I ask for clarify what is it about and how often it gonna repeat.It is not negativity,ask for information to clarify something is not negativity,there is no negative emotion o motivition behind is our right to know as customer and our duty to know as one whom want the game being good,at least alive.
And I never said f2p players contribute literatly none,but contribute very Little,and with only these guys you cant run a business…so I am asking if the free weekend is something very rare o something often,because if the last thing then funcom put f2p players over paid ones,which is unwise and unlogic,and bad long term for the game.

You seem to be under the false impression that these bonus weekends are a new thing. I assure you, they are not. They’ve been happening for years, with different effects (free keys, empowerment, etc). They just haven’t happened in quite a while, precisely because Funcom doesn’t want to devalue patron memberships.

TL;DR: Chill.


Okay,thx for clarify.I did thought it was a new thing,because I started play 07 March 2019…havent saw that before D

Yeah, I dread to think what this is doing to aurum’s value against the dollar :v:


not that serious.I can accept the already paid stuff get somehow devalued.But then if I want to keep paying and buying patronage,I would and should consider if they gonna be devalued o not.If thats the case either funcom sale stuffs cheaper o they ruin their business by frustrating the market.

perhaps someone afraid of insects jajaja

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Or afraid of humour? Lol
Ok, now someone is just taking the bee and wasting staff time, I hope their toilet doesn’t flush.


If The Secret World did not partner with EA
i would have bought the Grandmaster package for what it was worth.
but i didn’t as did not want to give any additional cents to EA then absolutely necessary!

But when i found out that EA were not a Partner anymore i bought all the Issues, some cosmetics clothing, weapon skins and pets.
Would i have felt more Special if i was a Grand Master secret worlder?, probably not
I would probably just fell odd not having yo pay a subscription to be honest. for an MMO…

What actually annoys me about Legnds (aside the frequent chat-disconnects)
is the things Left behind in TSW, the Raid Dungeons, the Manufactory Dungeons, the Elite version of the 3 lvl 50 Dungeons, The missing missions: Action, investigation and Side mission. but not to forget the Auxiliary weapons!
Instead we seem to get “Agent Surprise Boxes” as new content…
instead of something new to tinker, level up and how to optimize into our many Decks ^.^

Although it will be quite funny for us in Reds if they finally gets added
Full 70 Red and then a lvl 1 Green Auxiliary weapon :rofl:

But no don’t see the Issue with this…
I just did a Lair marathon with all Lairs from Kingsmouth town to Kaidan, it was Great fun
and i can do it again in some hours, because I’m a parton.

I don’t care if the Free2Players can have some fun and do Lairs, Regionals, Megabosses. Scenarios to all their hearts content.
I’ll say it’s a good thing they can feel what it is like to be Kings and Queens for a few days.

Costumer Goodwill is something that many Companies in the Gaming industry now a days have forgotten all about.
and instead only aim put as little into projects, for as high gains in the shortest amount of time…

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The only thing EA was responsible for were the retail boxes that were distributed at launch (2012). They haven’t been involved with TSW/SWL since.

Yup that was the thing i found out.
But the EA logo being part of the launch cinematic didn’t help thinking otherwise (it’s still in the game)
Game launch Cinematics

Nobody is trash talking f2p players,but objectively they are contributing much lesser than paid players.They contributing by the way that rise some population which can make paid players have more ppl to play with,thus they play more and they keep paying.They contributing by the way to encourage paid players to keep paying.They are a factor,but they are definitly not a direct factor and not have the weight of the direct factor–paid players.
And let me tell you something,if some Ă­tem get devalued just because the saler want to make those not are even customers feel some love,this definitly gonna have negative impact to the market thus to the business they running say what you want to say.On the one hand ppl bought those Will feel unworthy,on the other hand if the Ă­tem not lower its Price to fit its reduced value,then the ones want buy them Will feel unworthy.Later if the company realised that they made a bad decisiĂłn and try to eliminate the free juice for f2p players thus make the Ă­tem back to its value,their credibility is already damaged,so in the future when ppl want to investigate a considerable amount of money Will think over if they gonna do the same.The same reason why funcom not just shut down their old no income generating tsw server.
And why you go so sensitive whatever?I just want someone to clarify what is this free keys weekend and how it gonna be in future,and I already got answer.Dont bring our personal stuff to fĂłrum if you are that guy whom have similar name and hates towards me,not a good place to insult each other,we can find another place if you want.