Nice Bump Guys! GJ!

It was 30 a little earlier… 32… not bad!



Just 30min later, back up to number 30… Sweet!


It’s 4:30pm in Austin, Texas…


The player count went up?

During a free week?

Shocking news, truly.


Hey, whatever works! Hell yeah!


Probably will go a bit down again, both official servers I play on got a message that the server would restart in 5 minutes, one of them restarted after almost 30 minutes and was only online for a few minutes before a new message appeared that the server would restart in 1 minute… You rock Gportal :rofl:

Prolly not G-Portal’s fault - this one time… :wink:

But to me heck, anything above 100 is a real accomplishment! With as many free and pay games as there are out, being in the Top 100 is really something! Top 30 to 40, wow! Someone is doing something right!

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What we want to see is if that base number increases after the free week.


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Nobody expects everyone from the free week to stay. That’s unreasonable. However, the goal is for there to be more people overall afterwards. Every game’s life cycle has diminishing player counts after launches and major updates. But a healthy game keeps bringing in new people, and returning players each update. For that I do believe 3.0 succeeded very well.


It’s 6:40pm in Austin, Texas and it’s still at number 30.

And this is the hour and day when most gamers meet up with their buds for the scheduled campaign or whatever, so… Again, congratz!

What is the nice bump?? U seen how steam reviews look on recent ones?

The patch is a fail so far…

While the patch itself may be generously described as having left the oven prematurely…
And the monetization feedback already has too many threads devoted to it, so the less said here the better…

The update hype + free week seem to be doing their job. The question is how many will pay to stay after the complimentary sampler has run out…
If the game were ever going to go free to play now would be the time. Easiest opportunity to keep those who have just came to the show new, and it coincides with a shift in monetization model.

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Wait a month and see if they kept the numbers.

This is what really counts.

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People who write text reviews typically show nothing more than the percentage of players with emotional problems. You can see it here too! :wink: Everyone goes through stuff. How some deal with it is what I’m talking about. Some talk with family and friends, others rant on Steam or here.

I see… Please create a game and show us how it’s done. I want to see your game hit top 30 so I can tell you it’s a failure. LOL


Yup! It’s typically around 8 to 10% - almost across the board - given there are no show-stoppers. By looking at the graphs and understanding them, it looks like an extra 100K ~ 200K people have tried it or come back to it for this update. If the typicality holds that’s an extra 10 to 20k users. In the graphs, that will appear as an extra 2 to 5k over the highs and lows of last month. So, let’s check the graphs in two weeks and see if there are 5k more than for May/June/July.

@Jimbo did a good job of explaining that I thought.


The Free Week so far looks like this:

That more people came the second day and it looks like more will come this third day yet again, might mean more than the day of the week it falls on.

If you’re THAT dissatisfied I guess it’s time for you to leave the community and find a game you don’t think the entire team should resign over. There’s simply nothing else to say on that point.

On the emotional problems people experience, that’s as fact based as you can get. It’s a baseline for every game out there. Go read the reviews for every popular game with the “mostly positive” tag. It’s part of my job to do this so I have a decent understanding of the situation. People have emotional problems - this is a fact and ALL people have them. How they are expressed is the issue. If you’re a more social type you’re probably talking it out with your family or whoever. If you’re a gamer recluse you’re more likely to rant on Steam about some actually meaningless change or feature you have decided to focus on. Those people form one baseline in every popular review section and you can see it increase or decrease with real world social and political issues.

So, yeah, the number of meaningless rants in the Steam review section pretty much only demonstrate the number of people having emotional problems. It’s an unfortunate fact we can’t escape.

its not up to you to decide how long someone will stick on a game. sad if u believe that when one is telling the truth is dissatisfied. how u assumed that i am dissatisfied? the update is a mega fail. they released an update despite what their testers in test live told them not to do , and the update proven the testers right! look at all bugs … speaking the truth do not means dissatisfied…
and i do just that. telling the truth.
i highly disagree with what u think the negative reviews they getting on steam means. not everyone in there is crazy or emotional unstable except the ones with positive reviews…
how u come to that conclusion? i am curious?
what would u write in steam if u logged in ur account after a years break and went in ios cave to learn the recipe and get instakilled? or seen the lagfest so terrible after a year?

how u cannot understand that most just write down their experience which is horrible? how would u feel if u was on ps4 and u eventually logged in to see nothing works and even trees and stuff do not render at all? what opinion u would express in steam? i am also curious




I apologize if I misunderstood.

Honestly? I would throw the machine into the trashcan where I believe it belongs in 2022. Or I would gut it and make art with it’s innards. Or I dunno, I might pack it up and seal it and then in 75 years my great-grandson could pull it out and sell on the then popular Neural Shopping site called MindBay. :wink:

None. Of course. I would be able to recognize that the PS4 is not a variable platform for modern triple A titles. I might at most question why FC continues to update the game for that platform though. But then I go on twitch and see people still having fun at 720p with low or medium settings, so really, back to the “None. Of course” I began this paragraph with.


I’m going to be that guy and point out to you official folk that you better hope those numbers from free players stay. If it drops below 2.8 numbers, you’re going to see mergers again like back in February. No one better be pumping up the game more than you all right now.

Consider dropping the edgy cynicism for a bit and shovel the doom and gloom if you don’t want to play “Am I losing my base” roulette again. Or don’t, your choice at the end of the day.

I’m personally glad to see the numbers up, especially over Valheim, which Conan Exiles deserves.


In a professional environment, we have a more suitable term for people like you; Karen.

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11:00 am in Austin Texas.