More players on Official = huge lag, npc spawn moving, soft ground

So we’ve had probably around 15 new players the last week on our server. Which is great with new faces, but…

Meaning prime time there is around 25-30 players active.

But what comes of this is lag, npc stutter, npc having trouble finding the path to you.

Thrall not fighting, not responding and so on.

Any fix or server upgrade coming or what?



Look at horse, this what I mean with soft floor.

Looks like they need to increase the frequency of restarts.

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Increase server performance too, honestly. More server “refreshes” where it pings the clients to obtain data and then updates the server data accordingly.

Again, I think my optimism might be a bug that’ll be patched out, but I’m hoping that the merges were the first step towards server upgrades.


G-Portal doesn’t do upgrades. What most likely happened is after 5 years, a new agreement cut the number of machines available. The hardware running servers that were merged are now running private servers, other game servers, or both.

The real question is, is the new agreement for another 5 years, or less?

Our goal is to offer strong servers at fair prices . To achieve this, we are also happy to explore new approaches and introduce new server models. For Minecraft and Project Zomboid , we have already switched to RAM-based models and left the old slot model behind.–gportal

Taken from a web search and a snippet about their services. I am no tech head, so does this count as an upgrade?


I hate G-Portal as much as the next guy, maybe even more so then that because of all the headaches they’ve caused as a mod creator and having to troubleshoot people’s mod activations for them :stuck_out_tongue: But G-Portal has upgraded their hardware before, a couple times if I recall correctly. As is standard.

What players don’t understand is that there is no magic “upgrade server” button that will fix everything. Its extremely common to see people request “better servers” but like, its not going to make as much of a difference as they think it will. And its not like G-Portal is running on a Pentium 4 or something.

I’m not a server hardware tech, so people are free to take what I say with a grain of salt. I just somehow doubt that “saving money by cutting down servers and using that to upgrade servers” (as has been the common “suggestion” on the forums for years now, despite what all the anti-merge people believe about nobody asking for server merging) is going to be an actual result. (And G-Portal is the one who decides to upgrade their server hardware, not Funcom.).

And lastly why this common belief about servers suddenly running better because their are fewer of them is just silly, is what you said here.

Now it’s not quite 5 years old in terms of the database files themselves. But they are old. Exile Lands database files are May 8th, 2018 old. They’ve gone through a bazillion software changes (patches). For better or for worse, Funcom has repeatedly stated they weren’t going to wipe servers (and no, merging servers or shutting servers down doesn’t count, once again despite what some people want to argue).

They probably should have, but then all one has to do is look at the non stop wall to wall complaining about 30% of servers losing their saved data. Imagine what this place would be like if ALL servers were wiped, even if it was just once every 3 years or something.

There are likely other benefits of cutting down server costs, and despite what some think and argue, you can’t run thousands of servers until the end of time. This was going to happen eventually, probably should have happened sooner. But what isn’t going to happen is “the servers are going to get upgraded and run better” when people arguing for that probably don’t even understand that even if/when Gportal once again upgrades their server hardware, its not going to make as much of a difference as they think.

Like I said, Gportal has already done so, and likely more then once. So you have to ask yourself, while you were begging for server mergers to “use that money on upgrading servers”, did you notice when Gportal upgraded? (My guess is, you didn’t). Actual difference makers are things that Funcom has been doing since they started making the game, optimizations. Bringing down memory costs (performance, not dollars) makes a difference. Putting the official servers on a processor that is slightly faster and has more cores, does not. If it did, you would have noticed already.

Like what? Once per hour?

I’ve found some conditions require once every 8 hours.

G-Portal has RAM options, server prio options and more. They just cost more.

I think the only one I know of is the “add to cart” button on Maingear… but that’s an expensive magic button…

If they get to the point of needing more than one a day, its time to wipe.

When I log in, many of my thralls are sunken. They have been for several months now. Our server then was very dead, with only one player on at a time.

Can you show us what your ping looks like, and what server FPS look like during such an event? We are also supposedly receiving an injection, and I want to know what I’ll be dealing with.

Or upgrade servers

To what?

More bandwidth, faster processing, larger memory model.

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Like what devices? Specific makes and such.

Devices??? Aren’t they server racks? I dunno the specs, but it’s VMs yeah? So they can assign all of those things - up to a point of course - can’t be taking up the whole datacenter for one game server or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure can if u remind of that ingame command again.

Today on our server “Official”, a guy complained he couldnt get the key drop to enter the arena, cause the boss was missing. I told him I think he is just spawned further back or inside a rock. - this was maybe 10 hours after restart, 10 people online.

Comment on stuff you know, I’m sure there is something, but this ain’t it.

-No offense just a reality check once in awhile is good…