How long is the decay timer

Haven’t had much time to log in but I do log in to update my base on 1513. I log in every Sunday and Thursday night around 7 PM.

Logged in about 5 minutes ago and there I am, standing on the ground with my thralls floating about.

Did they change the decay timer?

This post will probably be banned anyway right Funcom?

Its been a fun game, it really has but it is off to EvE Online

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168hrs is the normal timer. so 7 days

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When you do that, do you confirm that your decay timer is refreshed? If you stand in front of your build and keep the Tab key pressed, you’ll notice that your timer doesn’t always refresh immediately. It can take some time.

What does your event log say?

Definitely. It’s all a huge conspiracy. They’re out to get you.

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I dont risk four days, because I have already had decay after three days. I now log in every other day, run my bases and log out. The decay timers are screwed up.

I’ve never experienced this, as soon as I run up on my build it shows refreshed. Maybe some people with lag or poor network performance would experience this? And BTW, are you Erebus?

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I would experience this every single time I refreshed my stuff on 1823. Port to the volcano, stand in front of the map room build for up to 30 seconds until the timer goes back to 168. Port to the Dregs, stand in front of the staircase build for up to 30 seconds until the timer goes back to 168. And so on, and so on.

My ping on 1823 is usually between 60 and 80. Doesn’t sound like poor network performance to me.

Nope, check your messages, we already went over that :wink:

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I know who you were before you let everything decay, but this Erebus person builds just like you. He built a beautiful platform with a map room right where your old stuff was near the Obelisk.

You do realize that Dark Millennium has taken over the obelisk there at the volcano and have blocked it off except that they keep the doors open…for now. They also got all of your stuff NW of the Undead City.
Yes, its your fault…lol

Oh, I get it now. Sorry. No, it’s not me. If I come back to Conan Exiles, I’m probably not gonna come back to 1823. I was already sick of seeing Dark Millenium cram the server full of pets and thralls, I’m not dying to come see them block obelisks for shіts and giggles.

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