How long is the vacation break this year?

The summer decay rates are a 2 month increase this year. The post closes with ‘see you in a couple of months’ or something similar. Does this mean the FC staff will be out of office for 2 months total? Am i missing something posted? Last year it was clearly posted, when vacations would start/end.

Just wondering when the devs will be able to start fixing CE…agan.

Cant @ anybody, been banned and my +year old account is considered "new’. Bump it up…

I think they are only out for a month.

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That would be better. But they do not say specifically this year…

I think it’s a mandatory one month.

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The holidays decay rate , has nothing to do with funcom being on holidays but rather increasing the timmers for the players that might have holidays planned away from their computers.

So… since you base it on the summer holidays decay rate.
didn’t you notice that on other holidays (like february winter holidays / christmass & new year eves holidays ) the decay timmer was also doubled ?

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I mean honestly if I lived in Norway I’d quit every summer unless they had this mandate. It’s a magical place, and now that it’s warmer people really deserve to get out and enjoy it.


Did notice, yup. Only ever noticed 2x decay to increase for 1 month. This summer it is 2 months…no dates for the actual vacation time has been posted…hence my question.


Don’t worry, we are still here. Not at full capacity but still here.
Feel free to report any bugs in game, on the forums and reach out to us on Zendesk for any infraction reports.


Looks like the official announcement was edited to be specific from July 1 until August 31.


why not increase the spoilage timer from 8 to 15 days? I still can’t get used to the idea of ​​losing everything because of time, I’ve already lost everything a few times and the game becomes tremendously frustrating

Ok thanks, but when will the devs be back from vacation? Thats my topic, my question, and my concern…still.

I have often wished for a regular decay timer of 8 full days. Then anyone not being active in game can refresh once weekly. Instead of every 6 days…harder to track…

Our developers are in the same position as us (community). Working as per usual but not at full capacity.


That is good to hear, thank you. But once again you omit any details. Can i please have a direct answer to the following questions?

What date will the CE development team be returning as a whole? And is the current capacity anything more than emergency response to detrimental game bugs/glitches?

Thank you

When playstation players will get the patch? This is embarassing.


Sometimes you cannot explain simple things , because people just don’t want to understand you , sad . Scandinavian system is globally the best system , I envy it . Maybe Greeks brought the light of democracy on this earth but right now only Scandinavian countries have developed it , 200 times better actually at least . I guess you have to teach us now :wink: .
Thank you for your patience , stay safe , we need you all healthy , the nightmare isn’t over yet .

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Nothing was explained, but thanks for your input, i value you…

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Yup that`s right.Should be 8 day decay rate that way u can log on every week when gone away for awhile.

It is not allowed to get this kind of answer from an employee . Employment cannot speak about salary , cannot speak about lots of things that happen inside their companies , the have a contract . Most of all employment following programs , they cannot be judged for doing so .

ps @Stinkyfingerton , I value you too , I really hope my s…t English wasn’t offensive . Cheers :+1: