How long will my corpse remain?

I’m staying at a hotel right now(waiting for our new house to be ready) and their WiFi is terrible. Last night I died and logged back I I the hopes of recovering my keys and my new sword but the connection keeps dropping. How long does your corpse stay after logging off? Am i going to lose my boss keys and my adventurers sword? It’s not terribly important but it would be nice to have my stuff back

the body will remain in the world for 30 minutes if u died.
the bad news is that if u r in a biome which boosts hp loss (volcano frozen biome etc) u will die again and again and the game mechanics will only show ur LAST 3 deaths…so possibilities to find ur body on 1st death (where u carried those stuff is not great)

sry for ur loss m8! hope u will enjoy ur house after its done and now u know u have something to seek for upon returning to survivors wifi! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. And at least I have sonething to look for. I died by the white tiger boss which is right by my base ago I’m not far. Thanks again!

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