Quite new to the game - question about AFK-Death


Hello there,

yesterday i played until late night and when i finally decided to go to bed i forgot to logout (i was in my homebase) - now i came back to the PC about 3h later and was disconnected due to a server restart - i relogged to find me naked next to my bed —> i guess thats this one error everybody has to make - as my corpse was nowhere to be seen and all my gear is lost aswell.

Question is —> did i just not look close enough or will the corpse despawn rather quick?

Welcome to the community!! :slight_smile:

Corpse will decay after about 15 minutes. I believe that this is a server setting.

If you are going to AFK, make sure that you do it within full shelter (the house icon, with the full roof peak). If you do not, your character’s water and food will run out relatively quickly.

In the scenario you describe, you probably had a thirst death after some amount of time. Corpse container was present, and then time elapsed, rendering your stuff gone.

Another common tactic is to “bank”, or completely empty your character of materials, and store them in a chest or a vault. That way, even if something happens to your body while away or logged out, your stuff will still be secure in the chest.

Sorry about your loses. Hopefully it will not be too difficult to replace.

Thanks for the quick reply - almost everything was replaced quite quickly,
but the loss of " Blade of the Adventurer" really hurts.

Well lesson learned - the hard way i guess :slight_smile:

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OOOH no. Yes - that is a significant loss. :frowning:

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