How many people play this game?

Or have played this game? Across all platforms? And how many, like me, have made more than 1 character; maybe even more,much, much more?

Can you even give a rough estimate of how many characters that amounts to?

Because when you think about it, you create a character, and your story begins. Conan saves you; but he’s been a busy boy, because he did that for every other player, and character.

He’s like barbarian Jesus or something. And you might appreciate the irony of that scene. Even when you come across other players, allies or enemies, you can assume they know him to, and maybe they think he’s a top bloke too.

On the other hand, can you imagine what the game would be like if he didn’t? You would have to blow at the vulture to shu (defensive strat), or try and bite his neck (offensive strat). But then what?


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LOL, kind of deep, but just the other day I was pondering the meaning of life and the nature of reality, so it seems a bit trivial. You ever think about if the chemistry of water was even slightly modified, would life even exist? Like what if ice did not float? It expands slightly when it becomes a solid and float on top of warmer water. This is not unique to water, but could possibly be a requirement for it for life to be based on it. I think silicon also does this, so could life be based on silicon?

You lost me here dude, are you saying Conan walks on water too? Or only if it’s modified? I don’t know any chemistry whatsoever, except that it exists and you need really good glasses to see it at work. xD

SteamSpy says 1 to 2 million people own the game. The average playtime total is 87 hours and 13 hours in the last two weeks. I’ve played 40 hours in the last two weeks, so I’m above average. 6,734 peak yesterday.

We can do a bit of math and see that with with those numbers, the average person plays 3.87% of the time. Using this, the math comes out to 174,048 unique players playing the game in the last two weeks.

So a lot of people playing, not near the numbers for ARK, but still a popular game. I create about 1 character a month or so, but I’m not the average player. Still there could have been like 10 million unique game characters created, so that Conan is a pretty busy guy.


and here i am still trying to figure out why its called a driveway when you park on it , and a parkway when you drive on it…
deep thoughts…


he’s probably still at it right now

parkways are called parkways because there are nature parks around them

Only 2.8% of the player base that plays actually completed all achievements.

Achievements are not proving anything. For some games, even an achievement that is granted when you complete the first level of the game is not owned by some people…

You can also turn off update on that, so people may never update it. (on ps4 itlest) And considering how many people tried it during free days… you got a chunk of population thats heavly counts against those who are. =/

I think Funcom would have chime in on a count out of anything. FO76 has over 100k according to a report, with most being on Ps4. MGSV, Has about 178k (that log in for events anyway according to leaderboards)

Then again, each update for CE is a reason come back and mess with it for some. If Funcom is making money on whats there with DLC. I’m fine. =3

I’m just waiting for good changes to land claim/pvp, so I have reason go back online.

I’m mostly offline myself, inless I get a invite to server to make Conan sword and armors.

I’m a former player of Conan Exiles, bought it on D1 (PS4- singleplayer offline) and palyed straight for a long time. Not mentioning the initial issues due to bugs/crashes (cough coff) I created I think, something like 400/600 characters in my “career” in CE.
I get bored as hell when I reach level 60 so I have to restart it form the scratch, trying a “different” approach to the game (I never respec my stats in the game: I try to make “mono directional” characters instead of drinking some potion and change from Heavy hitter, to Fast stabber .
So I had to play multiple times to keep engaged with the game.
In the end the combat system bored me out and, even if I really like it, the build side of this game is a 'lil too “minecraft”, A.I. is not smart enough to make it fun.
Being a solo offline-player I do not have the funny option to be attacked bt trebuchets or gods, just waves of stupid foes moving randomly around rocks trying to find a suitable navmesh to my base (if not, just spawn directly inside of it ^^).
So I played it a lot and then I stopped 'cause there was nothing else to do (storymode ends stupid and end-game is only oriented to decoration/build).

But somehow I love this pile of wretched pixels and from time to time I return play it trying to catch the “old mood” and test some new implementations, but in the end nothing keeps me here, because still I have nothing to do.
Some real survival, and some real issues in base defense just like “real” sandstorms (or tornadoes, or blizzards) that damage and demolish your place and so you’re forced to rebuild and improve, but… no steps taken in that direction so…

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I kind of do this in single player as well, but more as a way to test out damage amounts as well as raid methods and also defense methods. Testing different structures against different raid methods. Really really useful and entertaining at the same time :smiley:

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Yes I know (ty for the advice anyway) but… I loved to let “those communities” alive, ok… not really alive: a bunch of mannequins stand still in their place, and pets no longer be able to lay down after the capture.
I like to defend and not to assault…
I really would have liked a true “climate” enemy able to damage (destroy?) buildings, I don know: I’m a passive-angry person :stuck_out_tongue:

Most games on steam all you need to do is log to the interface and it counts as time spent. Thats not the point.

What it proves is that most players have not completed the final achievements that you get for doing in game activities.

I personally dont play games based on popularity anyways.

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