How many sacrificial alters are too many?

I never in my worst nightmare ever thought I’d be asking that question, but there it is.

Now I personally have issues sacrificing people even in a game. I only do it when it is an absolute must, I don’t actually have an alter set up. What that means is I am not the person to be making a decision as to how many is too many, and yes having them all occupied 24/7 make’s it worse for me.

So how many sacrificial alters are too many?

Trying not to be judgy, but is real hard. None the less I wonder about the drag on the server?

When I’m solo, 2. If I have one or more people helping, up to 6-7

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I typically use 1. I just make the waiting room big enough to drag entire camps in and just reapply concussive damage when necessary.


1 is enough and you can get a rhythm of 6/15 minutes.

But I agree with you and see 10 lined up in 2 rows and wondering why?

I mean I can see someone going darker and using them aesthetically (like a throne of agony sort of thing but to put them in as an assembly line sort of thing…just doesn’t make sense


Those people who have fifteen sacrificial stones are likely using an exploit. When you see that, you should lose respect for the person who built it.

I use only one, because I am not an exploiter.

As a PvE player, I used to have one each just because. Nowadays, it is hardly worth having any so I usually have only one.

i could see this. Load the body then jist leave it like a torcjer dungeon rp theme. Could use the bazaar cage wheel with it. I might rp just to see how cool it looks lol.

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There’s no limit.

Just like there’s no limit on pretty much everything.

Trying to gauge what the community thinks is asking what color they like.

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Blue? Chartreuse?




Wow, timing. :joy:


1 is enough, i have three because im a pervert and set it as “decoration” stuff. But talking about functionalitty one for player should be enough. Imaginating a situation where i want to fill a chest with sacrificial blood, i would set temporary post near a weak npc crowded area bring two thrall with me and knock out as many as i can drag them next to the stone and do the job. Then remove everything and go home. edit:spelling

That was weird…hows many thought blue as the first color

I do this on pvp. I bring one torch and 100 iron bars and a stack of vials to sinners refuge. Mine 600 stone and then clear the cave. Pack up everything and away I go with plenty of blood vials to activate my transportation stones

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Love me a good Chartreuse!!!

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Purple, mauve, lilac, lavender XD

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i forgot to mention i’m thinking in pve/pve-c, in pvp it should be more complicated for sure, in pvp i would have no one permanent set, because it is too bright


Mine was mostly an honest answer. Whatever the colour of the ocean is on any given day seemed a bit too long. :joy:

These are nice too, however, the smell of lavender gives me an instant headache.

Green all the way! :smiley:

Anyway, I don’t know how many is “too many”, but I play on PVE-C and I only ever use one. And I don’t even have it permanently placed. I just have the mats for it set aside.

When I need some more blood or essence, I make my way to the Spinebreaker’s Flank and place the sacrificial stone as close to it as I can. Then I go in, knock out every NPC and drag them all down to the stone. And then I go through the whole pointlessly soporific process of sacrificing them all in a row.

Wait for the respawn, rinse and repeat. Once I’m stocked up, I pick up the stone and go back to my base, hoping that I won’t have to do this mind-numbingly boring chore for a good while.