How suppreme Lich and Jiang Shi vampire spell works?

Anyone know his stats? I searched on old forum and only found that he gives

+10 % unholy invulnerability

+45,5 magic damage
+7,5 % base spell damage

+60 % fear invulnerability

But and the duration and cooldown compared to the Nightfall Lich skill???

Other question.

One of awnsers mentioned

go get the Jiang Shi vampire spell.

But i found no information about how to gain that spell or his duration and etc.

Look like a vampire or Lich will be pretty cool.

The Jiang Shi spell is from the secret khitai faction Jiang Shi, they are in Kara Korum.
It transforms you into one of them and adds 20 magic damage and 180 combat rating for a minute. It has a very small chance to reproc but I guess only DT really have a chance to get that since they deal so much melee and magic damage at the same time where it can reproc.

You can probably use this one with the lich spell from the necro AA tree at the same time but I never tested it.

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Thanks. It don’t worth the cost…

But the supreme lich on AA, how much it will last? And his cooldown?

Its permanently active.

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Then worth the cost… Only one more question. Can i use steam wallet to subscribe? And one mounth of sub is enouth to pay for the “feat” with time?


@L0rdVictor: In theory, if you have already trained enough AA, then yes 720h / 24h = 30 days should technically be enough for you to train over time during a month premium. Yet because there is not really any margin here, maybe someone who actually tried this ‘buy a month premium’ to train a ‘major perk’ with time could confirm it did work?

In doubt I would recommend to buy off the last day when there will only be 1 point left to be 100% sure and not loose the training done.

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AA training continues to run after your subscription ran out, even on characters that you don’t unlock.
So you can basicaly start the timer 5 minutes before you sub ends and it will still train the talent.

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Yeah that’s what I thought I noticed too, yet was not completely sure, thx for the confirmation. So to be safe, let’s say just leave your char locked for a a day or two after your month subscription ends and you should be safe :wink:

i think this has been changed some years ago with the membership revamp. i think it stops and cancels what’s not completed when sub goes off

Thanks everyone, one last question. Can i use my steam wallet to purchase sub time?

I have purchased 2 character slots and expansions via steam. Steam offers more and better payment methods for my country.

Never tested either as I never got it on my necro, but you cannot use the Jiang Shi morph with either Hox morph so I wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t use it in lich form either.

It’s underpowered crap anyway, given the cast time you don’t gain anything from using it unless you use before a fight or in downtime when you can’t attack.

yea, the jang-shi buff is useful only when doing quests in kara korum, especially in the crater, since it removes the debuffs.
other than that, it’s not really worth using it.

I think I have noticed on my small alts this was still happening after 2016 membership revamp when I forgot to renew my sub a few times before it expired. I have not lost the AA I was training if and only if I did not unlock the chars prior renewing my sub.
That said, I am not quite sure this behavior is intended as it is or if it is some kind of bug, so that’s not really something you can count on for granted, for all we know it could very well be fixed at any time and without any notice.
I for one would not risk loosing it all after 29 days of training a major perk, I’d rather pay the last 1-2 prowess points left after 29 days to have it for sure. But that’s me :wink:

What if you play with high ping and avoid pvp?

Other think, can i use steam wallet to pay for subscription?

You dont have to play PvP to gain “prowess points”. You can get 1x Expertise point for free every time you get 1M Mastery XP.
That gives you 3x Mastery points + 1x Expertise point.
Expertise points can replace either a Mastery or a Prowess point.
This is why if you are F2P it is very important that you never use any Expertise point for the mastery side because you will gain mastery out of your PvE kills/quests. Always keep them to use for the prowess side.

Sadly I cannot answer this, not using steam.

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I suggest that you put this question as a new Support section post - it is more likely to attract the attention of a funcom moderator/employee who can give you the information you seek.

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You can’t purchase Membership using Steam Wallet.

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