How to appeal a ban?

Two members of our clan built a wall on the server in noob land, I found out after i got banned, I hadnt ben playing on the server anymore and didnt find out what they had done till after we were banned. The two clan members that actually created the wall had left the clan two days before the patch day and were not banned. Could you please examine the server logs and ban the players responsible and reverse our ban? I was not involved in what ever happened. If we quit playing on a server and a clan does something should we still be held accountable? Sever in question is 3895 ps4 pvp i had been playing on 3508 pve server and 3522 pve c, server logs will reflect that my olaying time was on the other servers, only logged in when my base had ben attacked. No email for ban reason was sent to explain the ban. We only found out by questioning the old clan members? Not sure were this belongs in the forums or who to contact to try and resolve the issues.

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