How to avoid cc as dt need help newbie

New player
im rolling with my dt on saga blood , most of the class own dt with ccs. in pvp open world as well as mini.
pvp lvl 6 but most of the aa trained (wards and other resistance aa perks).

how to survive longer need a help with build against demo. and also which perk to use…

Pressing and Decisive Strikes, Avoid Entanglements and Vindication, and Void of Madness. Those are the perks.

To avoid cc’s, confuse your enemy with your footwork, and doubletap for knockback.

That made my day :joy:!

Using Footstep dont work against ranger i guess
there is ranger who kills me when i try to take flag cause of max ccs.

In case of knock backs (because rangers got like 3 of it I think): You can use double taps (regardless of which direction) to kind of “skip” the kick effect a little bit, you don’t get knocked down on the ground, that way you halve the time you are unable to move.

But it’s important to keep that enemy as your target, you need to look out for the spells or combo attacks, such as Line Breaker, Clobber, Stagger and so on. Demos might be a little hard to predict as their knockback is instant once you got 5 stacks of their fire DoT.

Of course… it just works for melees but I thought that was obvious. Ranged classes can do whatever they want as long as they are in the correct range and have the camera more or less centered on you. What makes my day is seeing people maining ranged classes think they have skills when toddlers could play these classes. The only way to dodge a ranged cc is to use cc break or to be extremely lucky with a sideways doubletap and have immunity kick in (vs casters).


Don’t get discouraged because of 1v1s, especially as DT against casters. A great build for DT is to pick up shadowed soul and void of madness and forego the depravity feat tree in general. Shadowed soul gives you an escape from root, snare, and fear while also giving you 10s of immunity from those CCs.

Focus more on how you’re performing in group PvP than in duels- DT is one of the worst dueling classes in the game, with many bad matchups. However, it can be quite potent in group PvP.