Sin vs Tanks any tips?

So i have been playing sin for a while now, (only interested in pvp) so my question is there any possibility to take down a tank class in duells, in minis offcourse you attack other classes but in duells in arena i face it nearly impossible, maybe im not to good but if you have any ideas or tips i would be grateful :slight_smile:

Guardian(don’t think you’ll ever find any in the arena :D) - abuse the fact that he needs to go frenzy to do any damage and the fact that he can’t really CC you (break the stun/fear with the antiCC if you were surprised by it, double tap his kb and don’t even be worried about the snare cause it’s a joke), except for the double tap forward stun.

DT - They become very squishy without having mana for soul barrier, so just blowing them up is viable and use dull pain to survive them. Also pay attention to their vom stacks and either remove them with FH or kite away from him if he seems to have a bit too many.

Conq - Just don’t.


Just to add on @Sinix comment, use cc remove only on DT fear, or then just kite him when you see the combo starter hit on the fear, U will see the dt swinging his sword downwards, that is pretty clear indication that he going for the fear :stuck_out_tongue:

1 Like learn from this guy he has vid about sin v conq

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