Can someone give me tips for sin?

Hello I’ve been playing for 6 months…I started with a demo and then a pom… now im trying to play the sin because I’ve seen some monsters playing that class and I would like to do dps. Some sins gave me tips, but rotations are different on each player… The combo I use is Low death strike + swift strikes + dart+ grim corruption +soul strike as a main rotation…but they told me that the important thing for a sin in order to do dos is the combos of swift strikes… So I don’t know which combo to use…
Help pls!

You are doing swift strikes while you wait for Grim corruption and slow deathstrike to come off cd

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  1. Grim Corruption V (or IV) + Soul Strike.
  2. Slow Death Strike V
  3. Swift Strikes IX
  4. Lotus-Coated Dart (you don’t want ues it right away after Slow Death Strike because it consumes base dot from SDS)
  5. Swift Strikes X
  6. Face Stab
  7. Antropy / Lethargy / any combo opening or white hit
  8. Slow Death Strike V
  9. Swift Strikes X
  10. Face Stab.
  11. you either do Swift Strikes IX and start whole rotation from start (a bit worse dps) or start playing with flow keeping in mind you want to prioritise GC+Soul Srike over SDS, using Face stab on cooldown (can and have be used during combo finishers) and pick right Swift Strikes just to fill cooldowns between GC and SDS

That rotation is easy and even if it don’t bring sin to max level, it lets me, as very casual sin player, top most sin dps.

SDS + Dart is better than GC + Bomb, and got higher prioritization in my books. Specially in higher tier raids. More reliable too over a longer fight.
And imo you should open with SDS+Dart over GC+Soul Strike to avoid the big burst so you don’t pull unnecessary aggro. Stable DPS > Burst unless it’s actually required.

Personally I do it like this:
SDS5, dart, GC5, Soul Strike, SS9, Single Face Stab, SS8, SDS5, SS9, Face Stab (With the previous SDS5), SS8, SS9 and then SDS5 and GC5 are back off CD so continue as normally. Can remove a SS9 and put in Lethargy 3 to buff yourself with T5 rune if you have that. If you do that correctly you should be able to spam single face stab without running out of soul fragments, and not interrupting your miasmas while doing SDS5/GC5

Correct usage of Necrotic Empowerement and Crystallized Lotus Extract makes sure you always have enough Soul Fragments for Cover of Dusk, Lotus Overdose, Crimson Lotus Pollen and all your miasmas at all time.

On bosses with very high prot I don’t even pair GC5 with Soul Strike. GC5 + Face Stab is just way better on bosses like Emerald Leviathan for example. I am also pretty sure double Face Stab on VistrixT5 is more consistant than bomb. (Igneous and Neesa are also obvious I think).

Some micromanagement tips: Pair CoD and Overdose together, use Overdose first, then Crystallized Lotus Extract into CoD. This will also make sure you have Soul Fragments for all your miasmas too. If you can “predict” the future too (I mean pop it before you will be needing more Soul Fragments) you have Necrotic Empoweremt too :smiley:

Will link some specs too if you wish (This is directed to OP, or anyone interested)
T6 (T5):
HG T5:
“Full DPS” (for 6mans you should get Burden to Bear if there’s no BS, reaver Barb, Conq):

I rarely solo, but I am the kind of guy who just use all my raid specs for solo all the time anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Also I DO consume SDS dot straight away so I can actually use more single Face Stabs. Except the SDS I do “alone”, when GC is on cd, because if done correctly you have 2-5 sec CD on Face Stab anyways, so yeah here you have to wait in order to get Face Stab off cool down.

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Only one thing, specing lotus overload made me depressed at cetriss so i don’t recommend :smiley:

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I know it’s a thing, but after killing that boss 100 times on sin and not dying to that myself I never cared for it personally

Me as a caster care a lot if an assassin with lotus overload clicks the dagger because it tilts me.

Don’t put assassins to click to begin with :smiley:


Smart guy <3