How to conduct an RDB Rebuild

Some issues seen in the game can be caused by corrupted resource database files. Effects of corrupted RDB files can vary widely, so conducting an RDB rebuild can be an effective early step for resolving numerous issues affecting gameplay. Please follow these steps to rebuild your RDB:

  • Navigate to your SWL installation folder then go into the folder named RDB
  • Locate and delete the files named le.idx and le.idx.previous
  • Start the game, and on the launcher go to Optons -> Repair Broken Data instead of clicking Start
  • Once the Repair Broken Data process has finished close the launcher, then run the game again by running PatcherSetup.exe (located in the SWL installation folder) as an administrator

Keep in mind that corrupted files could be the result of interference from antivirus software, so if you have to run an RDB rebuild you should disable your antivirus before starting. If issues persist please don’t hesitate to contact tech support by going to our help portal and submitting a ticket with Tech selected as your ticket class.