How to create a Dual Instance dedicated Server?

I saw the August 21, 2017 blog post “Setting up your own server in Conan Exiles” on how to create a server. However, once you’ve done that, how do you create a second instance for a new server on the same box?

I.E. we already have our own small private PvE sandbox setup for our group to build on, but our group is now looking to create a custom public PVP server as well.

Do you have your own dedicated server hardware? You’ll need to partition your drives and have more than one NIC. After that you’ll have to load the server on the separate partition and assign it to run on that separate NIC. If you don’t have multiple NICs then you’ll probably need to NAT the port you do have so that people connect to the different port.

Shouldn’t it be just some kind of copy&paste job?
Copy&Paste current server. Edit its preferences to another name and maybe set another listening/playing port.
Besides needing some potent hardware tun run two servers, that should work, I’d say.

Yes, we do have our own dedicated hardware. Thanks we’ll give it a go.

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