How to deal with purge?

So I am having my very first purge, how the hell can I beat purge playing solo ? I just built my new base 2 days ago, and only have 3 fighters with me. How am I supposed to win ?

Also once I died, recovering my stuffs back is almost impossible, how am I supposed to fight with BARE HANDS ?

I died at my base in green area west of the map , but the death icon is UP IN THE NORTH IN SNOW. How am I supposed to get my stuffs back.

This is ridiculous my work in hours gone just like that because I’m not prepared, not even know about how this works.

I even have moved important stuffs from my old base in the desert a few times, takes around 15minutes per trip, all gone just like that and I ransacked my own old base to move stuffs to a now destroyed base.

It’s exactly to avoid things like this so I play on PVE server. Might as well just play on a PVP server, at least someone will have fun.

Really lost my interest to play online for now.

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One point, even offline play still includes purges. It is just part of the game.

Couple of suggestions…

Do not treat this game like an MMO. It is a survival based game so that means… Prepare to survive. This includes having back up supplies. This may even mean keeping a small backup base just in case. You can have a bed and a bed roll, so set the bed at your base and bedroll at your backup.

As for your corpse, this game is buggy. Don’t carry what you can’t afford to lose. You never know when your corpse may end up in some impossible to reach spot. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have good items. You just need ti be prepared. If steel is hard to make, don’t go on a long exploration journey with your only steel sickle. If iron is in short supply, don’t spend it all making one suit of heavy armor. Plan accordingly and you will do well.

As for solo, make friends! This helps a lot in the game and lets you divide the labor/feats. Only one of you needs to know how to build a wheel of pain, only one needs firecauldrons, etc. Yes you can add feats because being able to repair yiyr own items is great but it can be a lessee priority.

Lastly, think about base design. Build like a medieval castle or fort system. A single house on an open plain is easy to attack. A fort on an island with an outer wall, that is more defensible. In addition to design, location is key. It sounds like you had moved to an area with higher lebel purges. This means you need tier 2 items to survive. If you weren’t ready for this, it becomes tougher to survive a purge. So perhaps falling back to the edge of the desert may help.

Hope some of this helps!

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Yea, learned it the hard way, I’m totally unaware and no clue how Purge is gonna look like. I just read the wiki and turns out the difficulty depends on the area, while I specifically moved to that area for leveling purpose. (from 30, now 38).

The place where I’m at is still categorized as moderate difficulty in Jungle area I suppose, but it’s unmanageable solo and unprepared, the first wave was nothing, just a bunch of big sabertoothes with ice giants but then the mammoths came.

I think I’ll do like you suggest, move somewhere close to the edge of the desert and build with defense in mind.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, rebuilding from scratch actually has its own fun in this kind of game.

One other advantage of rebuilding… You level from the XP of building the supplies.

Also, note that certain areas have better resources… Like bark is more common in the desert/jungle yet trees up north give resin.

Oh and fish are your friends. Shrimp can be caught in shellfish traps and when cooking, give ichor. Unappetizing fish can be put in the food press to make oil which is a great fuel source.

An ideal location would be defensible but also near a river/lake for fish, near stone, wood, and iron deposits too.

That’s the point, you go on the frozen north biome (not the jungle as you said, mammoth and giants spawn only on the frozen north, and the green area between the snow and the desert is a frozen north area).

You just dont have the lvl and the stuff to rush the north at the moment.

Anyway, check the firespark video for purges tips :

Yea, I actually just learned all of that during building my base in the jungle area just yesterday, lol, funny you mentioned all that now it’s like having a dejavu. Thanks again for the remainder.

ok thx, will do.

nice idea building above the water, kinda like a safezone for npcs.

Where is the purge indicator ?

nvm found it

On your inventory screen, just below the image of your character.

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Ran to asgarath built in SANDSTONE, got wrecked? Wot did u expect?

Survived two purges, the boxes are full of arrows, let it rain.
We blew out the stairs and stood on the roof. Both times the came from the south.

What creatures are in the desert purge ?

In the end I rebuild the ruins because I couldn’t find a better place to build, it’s just for leveling purpose here and what the purge army destroyed were mostly just building parts, not working stations.

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