How to deal with someone else's slave?

How can I deal with a pumped enemy slave? If 2 or more players attack me, then I can somehow fight back, but when they are with the slaves it is not possible, since the slave kills me with one blow. Armor doesn’t help. Shields, too (two-handed punch them) and sometimes you do not even have time to evade. One hit and a corpse. What can be done with this, how to deal with them?

Don’t fight if you can’t kill player fast.
Fight only on your territory

And if you can’t escape. Aren’t there any ideas? Maybe they can be cut down by blunt arrows being on a hill where they can not get it. Is it effective or not?

I’ve been testing some stuff.

If you are in an unclaimed area, try “fortnite it”, get wooden fence, place it in front of the thrall quickly, the AI is gonna go bonkers and you get a chance to do something. Like bombing the ■■■■. Check on youtube “conan exiles bomb pvp”. Is kinda kamikaze and you need to practice it a lot to master that art.

I heard acid arrows melts armors on thralls but haven’t tested yet. Also roam with a reaper queen or great saber.
Another thing i noticed they go bonkers from the trowing axes cripple effect.

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