How to defend against thieves in the Purge

Hey everyone.

I’ve been in a long break from Conan Exiles so I dont know all of the changes.

Right now I was having a level 4 Purge. No big deal but some thieves were able to get into my base and steal some Gold. My guards did attack them once they picked up that Gold but before that they ignored them. While I was fighting at the gate I looked back to the entrance of my base and I saw the thieves lockpicking the door right next to the guards.

So my question is, how to defend against them? My guards dont attack them until they have some of my Gold. Is there even a way for that or do I have to pay attention to that myself?


Killing them in melee yourself is the best way. They are usually too fast for archers.


traps are also an interesting strategy :wink:


Traps, Sulfur golems, burning tar in depth.
They become visible and thus able to be attacked by thralls ect… When damaged.


Thank you all for the answers! I didnt even know that Traps were a thing haha :smiley:

I ended up building a trap with a simple palisade and a hatchframe/door. As I just have to injure them to make them visable for my thralls, that should do the trick I think.

Thank you all again :smiley:


I find building a disposable purge coffer as bait in the volcano works great. Cheap too. Don’t need guards, or walls, or spike traps.


A fire cauldron in the entrance of your treasury will work just fine. Use some gas arrows as well, they help more than you can imagine.


While I don’t have a burning cauldron, I stand on the wall opposite the door to the treasury and kill them with a bow while they are fiddling with the locks.
But in principle, you can stand on the bridge with a cauldron and tip it over the thieves, and then your warriors will see them and attack them, who will survive.


Having played with one of the respondents to your post and recognizing the accuracy of others it’s very good information. Keep the Faith as @Croms_Faithful might say and Exell Exile


Hell yes @sestus2009!

@KirTyun hi there and welcome to the cummunity! As other member have said it is best to try and chop them up yourself. I know whenever I see Thieves or Demolishers approaching I make them a priority target and try to attack them myself. Something to put out there since you are returning from a hiatus and I do not think it has been mentioned yet. Level 4 is nice and achieveable, but this will come into play at latter levels. The difficulty will scale with the number of followers you have stationed at your Purge base, so if you have an overabundance of Archers or others there, it will factor into the Purge difficulty.