How to display all buffs?

Hello guys.
I found an interesting guide in the old forum but somehow I can’t apply that thing in my UI. Everytime I change the file the game itself starts the patcher to fix the changes which I applied earlier.

Do you know how to fix this? I’d really love to have this feature in standard UI but I don’t know how to prevent the patcher from fixing what i changed.

you need to put the modified fils in the data/gui/customized/path/to/file.xml

eee? :neutral_face:
I never liked computer science and left many classes, can you explain it in other words? I copied this file to customized but I think this is not what I had to do, or I did something wrong

You need to create the same folders where you found the .xml file, but in the “customized” one instead of the “default”

In the old forum example he’s telling you to create your own folder because in the new folder “customized” there’s no Views/HUD so you need to create it yourself. Ex: Default/Views/HUD/CharPortraitRight.xml
Check the old forum it has more questions/ answers down the page.

Thank you very much guys for the support. All I had to do was to copy the HUD folder with changed CharRightPortrait file to Customization folder.

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