How to edit settings on xbox one x?

Good morning. I have conan exiles: Age of sorcery on gamepass. My system is Xbox 1 X. I am playing single player no co-op

I want to edit the settings of the character I’m currently playing as. I go to settings, click on make me an admin and it says admin access granted. I set the settings to what I want but when I go back into the game, nothing has changed.

When I go back to the admin button it says I have already been given permission to cheat.

Do I have to edit settings before I start a game? Or am I doing something wrong? I don’t see an apply settings. And whenever I open up the settings menu. It’s all put to what I set it to. Do I need to access a server? If so, how and what is that?

Thank you for your time.

Which setting are you trying to change? If it’s a crafting speed setting it doesn’t automatically apply to something already crafting, you’ll have to restart your wheel/bench/pen or put an appropriate thrall in to make it recalculate time

Oh, I didn’t know that. It is crafting speed and a few other things. I’ll give that a try. Thank you so much!!

Good news! It worked but I don’t know what i hit but everything is gone. No animals, no people, no trees rocks or bushes… its a fun game but i feel like everything i do causes a chaotic domino affect

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