Questions from a player returning from Exiles Beta

Hi all,

I bought Exiles when it was first released on XB. I Loved the idea but the game was just unplayable.
I checked it out again last week and now I’m hooked!!

A few SP/PVE questions.

Is the Alchemist Bench available on Xbox? I don’t see it and the posts I’ve found contradict each other.

When enabling admin cheats, I can only use the slider to set harvest amounts, day/night speed, etc.
Is there anyway I can enter the value manually? E.g. .3, 1.7, etc. Dying to do this!

Related to above, could I setup a server on another XB or even PC so I could have more control?

Do the horses fight or what? Again, I’ve found posts that contradict each other but my horses just stand there so I use them for cannon fodder.

Is there any cheat to allow for two thralls to follow? I’m getting my butt kicked out there! :wink:


Horse not fighting no more

Cheat to change all most all work but a few and some of them need you to quit and log back in to get them going

There is a update that adds more benches in but only on pc right now

No manual value edit

Set up a server I know you can do on pc but wether or not Xbox I don’t know but I don’t think they are crossing compatible so you need to use Xbox on Xbox and pc on pc last I checked

No two followers with out mods

Ps sorry for multiple post my device is small and I cannot read and write at the same time

There is a difference at the moment between the pc version ( that has received the latest patches and have the DLC isle of siptah in early access ) whereas the console version is several patch behind . This can result in missleading information ( since the alchemist bench for example has been introduced recentrly , it’s on pc , but not yet on console )

hope this made things a bit clearer ! :wink:

Thank you both! :slight_smile:
Too bad it was all bad news. :frowning:
To me, PC is for work, console for fun. I never cross the streams…
That and no cash for gaming PC. :confused:

Thanks again.

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