How to fast travel? Need any portal?

Help! who can answer thanks!!! it costs so much time to take slave home.

By taking slaves home you mean in your inventory or still having him on rope and getting him to your wheel?
For the first you simply need to have your mainbase/home built close to one of those obselisks/teleportthingys.
Next step is finding the avatar and learning that maproom-recipe.
After that you both need to build that maproom (its huge!) and attune your bracelet to those teleporting obelisks.

Or you just build your home near your favorite camp so you wont need teleporting for getting those home.

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Yes they are.
i.e. at black keep, frost temple, the hole over undead dragon, above dregs-entrance.
Thats of course not all of them. Oh, but if you got the maproom recipe, you should have seen the obelisk in front of the building with the archivar.

The one above undead dragon is more or less in open desert, nothing like group play. (Though there are undead hyenas.)

Except for the Admin fast travels, there is a one-way ticket teleport - The Map Room!

You can’t use it to teleport back to your base so there is no way to get your captured thralls back to the base faster.

Though you dont need to fight the dragon to get the obelisk.
Hm. I just read again. (Misunderstood earlier -> though you meant one would need a party to be able and run around there.)

Hmm… The undead city is dangerous to travel alone, I guess its okay to call it a group thingy.
Dregs, black keep and frost temple are the same. The one above undead dragon is a middle thing, as it seems to me like a little dumb to jump down to boss from up there - usually one would use the entrance.
That leaves the ones near set city (okayish for solo, but beware because of skeletons) and near Braga with that whole western camp in north. (Again near some area with some group play, though the guy in that tomb is easy to solo.)
Could be me forgetting about some obelisks.
Then again this whole game is rather focused on clans, not on lone wolves.

I think its okay for the obelisks to be near those areas, as I lack ideas of where they should have been put instead. One in the middle of the salt lake? That would be one big bad idea.
I do miss one obelisk near black hand ship though. I know, there will be two other obelisks in swungle (thank you JustHorse), but I think both will be way away though.
Looking at that picture with the maproom… It does look unnatural how the biomes are that hard split up. I miss a crossing area if that is the correct wording for it. (If not: Sorry)